Judges And The Respect For Life

It is politically correct to say that there should be no “litmus tests” for Supreme Court nominees. Of course, judges have to judge impartially, based on the Constitution and the plain meaning of the laws. However, there are ethical and philosophical boundaries which we must insist that judges observe. Recognizing and respecting the right to life is one such boundary. Any nominee must be able to do this, because to fail to respect life is to fail to understand the very purpose of courts, laws, constitutions, and governments. Being a judge does not mean thinking in a vacuum. This republic was founded on the declaration that God gives us the right to life and that government exists to secure that right. There is no room for neutrality on something so basic.

–Fr. Frank

At Each Mass, Pray For The Defense of Life

In their pastoral plan for pro-life activities, the Catholic bishops of the United States have asked that at every mass a prayer be offered for the defense of human life.

To help parishes fulfill this request, Priests for Life prepares an entire set of Prayers of the Faithful for each Sunday of the year, based on the readings for that Sunday.

Among these petitions each week is a prayer for an end to abortion and other forms of violence, and for the growth of a Culture of Life.

We also provide homily hints and bulletin inserts for each Sunday.

You can find these resources at priestsforlife.org, and we also provide them weekly via email.
Help your pastor today by bringing him these weekly pro-life resources for the liturgy. Visit www.priestsforlife.org for information.
–Fr. Frank

Invite Others to View Images

Today I want to share with you the following email I received from a pro-abortion person who visited the our website at priestsforlife.org and saw the pictures of aborted babies. She wrote,

“I have been a pro abortion catholic… After seeing the pictures of what it exactly was, I nearly cried thinking I supported this awful murder. I ask Jesus my Christ to forgive my past way of thinking. I finally “get it.” This is pure murder. I pray that more people will get to know what it is they are supporting.”

The person then signed the letter with the pen name, “My Shame.” These pictures, at priestsforlife.org, have this effect on people every day. Invite others to view these images. You may email and print them. Nothing is more effective to end abortion.

–Fr. Frank

Come Join The National Prayer Campaign

Are you committed to pray every day for an end to abortion? I invite you to join the Priests for Life national prayer campaign. If you visit priestsforlife.org, you will be able to sign up and download the “Prayer to End Abortion” that we invite every believer to pray daily. You can find the prayer in English and Spanish.
This interdenominational prayer does not simply ask God to end abortion, but expresses your individual commitment to speak and work in defense of the unborn.
Remember, not only can they not speak, but they cannot even pray. They are the most defenseless human beings. We must stand in the gap. Prayer is the foundation of everything we do in the pro-life movement. Please join this National Prayer Campaign at priestsforlife.org
–Fr. Frank

Sacred Heart First Friday

Today is the First Friday of the Month, and we give special honor and worship to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, in reparation for the sins of the world. This Heart is the core of the pro-life movement, which is a movement of self-sacrificing love. Nothing can stop the love of the Heart of Jesus, which is the meaning of the flame we see. This love is met by rejection and hatred, symbolized by the wound in the heart.
Pro-life activists experience the same thing. Our love for the unborn is met with misunderstanding, ridicule, shunning, and persecution of all kinds. Yet nothing can extinguish the flame. We continue to love those who cannot love us back, and cannot even know we are loving them. And that is a gift of the Sacred Heart.
–Fr. Frank

Become A Regional Coordianator for Silent No More

Even if you have never been involved in an abortion, you can help those who have had abortions to make their voices heard. The Silent No More Awareness Campaign mobilizes men and women who have lost children to abortion. The Campaign helps these men and women find healing and gives them opportunities, in organized gatherings, to share their testimonies of pain and healing.

You can serve as a “Regional Coordinator,” to organize events at which these women and men will speak up and say, “I Regret My Abortion” and “I Regret Lost Fatherhood.” These events reach the public with the message that abortion is a dead end, an empty promise, and that the doors of the Church are open to all who seek forgiveness. Become a Regional Coordinator – find out more at www.silentnomoreawareness.org
–Fr. Frank

Abortion Advocates Do Not Care About Women and Children

One of the many things President Bush did for the unborn was to put a rule in place that allowed states to include unborn children in the State Child Health Insurance Program. Recently the US Senate voted on whether to make this rule into national law, but the proposal was rejected by the pro-abortion members. This shows the true colors of abortion advocates. What reason do they have for not helping pregnant women receive insurance assistance for the child they are carrying? The only reason, of course, is that these abortion advocates are on the side of the abortion industry rather than on the side of either women or children. Together, let’s continue to challenge abortion supporters to take action that will actually help the women they claim to care about.

–Fr. Frank

Let’s Get Active!

The biggest advantage that pro-abortion forces will have in the next few years is not President Obama sitting in the White House, but us sitting in our houses! Defending the unborn and ending abortion requires that we get involved in constructive activity, that we join or start pro-life groups based on concrete projects, that we volunteer at pregnancy centers, pray at abortion mills, go to pro-life talks and prayer services, and do any of countless other activities of the pro-life movement. Thank God that so many of you are doing this already, and because of that our cause is making steady progress; let’s make this the biggest recruiting year ever for the cause of life! At www.priestsforlife.org, you will find what you can do to end abortion.

–Fr. Frank

Blessing the Grave

I had the privilege of blessing the grave of Terri Schindler-Schiavo, who was murdered on March 31, 2005 by dehydration. Her grave is not far from the place where she died, and where people from around the world had gathered to protest and pray.

Those who visit the gravestone, however, will notice something highly unusual. While on most graves there is an inscription of two dates – when the person was born and when he or she died – on Terri’s there are three. Here’s exactly what the grave says:

Born December 3, 1963

Departed this Earth February 25, 1990

At Peace March 31, 2005

The whole world knows that she died on March 31, 2005. National and global media were present at the scene for days, covering every detail. Media were present again when I preached at her funeral mass. We know when she died.

But her gravestone has become a pulpit for the euthanasia movement. Those who killed her are now using her grave as a platform for their twisted ideology. What they are trying to say is that once her brain was injured in 1990 and she was no longer functioning like most of us, she wasn’t one of us anymore. She “departed this earth.”

This is actually a variation on an ancient heresy, which says that we are really spirits inhabiting a body. Terri couldn’t communicate normally. So, her “spirit” must have left her. The body was just a shell left behind. Those who believe she really “departed this earth” in 1990 can therefore pretend it was OK to kill her in 2005. After all, it wasn’t really her. She was already gone.

This is heresy, because Christianity teaches that we are a unity of body and soul, not simply a soul “using” a body. The body matters. What we do to the body, we do to the person.

Moreover, the gravestone inscription is a deep insult to all who are disabled, and to all those who love and care for them. Should they be considered already dead, too? Are we just wasting our time caring for them? Euthanasia advocates would have us think so.

A recent news story about a disabled unborn child quoted one as saying, “There’s no human life there.” Isn’t that the same idea? They think the baby has already “departed this earth,” so they don’t hesitate to abort the body.

As I blessed Terri’s grave, I also prayed that God’s people would be kept safe from this falsehood. And I recalled being in Terri’s room the day she died. I remembered her face, dehydrated from not having had a drop of water in two weeks. I recalled seeing the flowers, inches away, on her night table. They were immersed in water. And as I left the grave, I gave a final glance to the vase of flowers that was standing by the stone.

–Fr. Frank