The Killing of George Tiller

I am saddened to hear of the killing of George Tiller this morning. At this point, we do not know the motives of this act, or who is behind it, whether an angry post-abortive man or woman, or a misguided activist, or an enemy within the abortion industry, or a political enemy frustrated with the way Tiller has escaped prosecution. We should not jump to conclusions or rush to judgment.

But whatever the motives, we at Priests for Life continue to insist on a culture in which violence is never seen as the solution to any problem. Every life has to be protected, without regard to their age or views or actions.

Priests for Life Declaration on Non-Violence

Click here to watch a video of Fr. Frank Pavone commenting on the killing of George Tiller

Fr. Frank Special Media Appearances

On Saturday, May 30, 2009, from 10pm-11pm ET, Fr. Frank Pavone will be interviewed by Jeff Lilienthal on WLAC on The Great American Debate – Life Issue night. The station listening area is Memphis TN

Fr. Frank Pavone will be on Sunday Night Live with Fr. Benedict Groeschel on EWTN, Sunday, May 31 at 7pm ET. The show will repeat Monday, June 1 at 2am ET and 9am ET and Saturday, June 6 at 5pm ET. You can watch on the internet at Be a part of the Live Show by calling 1-800-221-9460 on Sunday, May 31 beginning at 7pm ET.

On June 1 and June 2, Fr. Frank Pavone will be on Focus on the Family with Dr. James Dobson. The topic of discussion will be Update on the Pro-Life Movement, May 2009. The show airs nationwide on the internet and on Sirius Satellite. Go to to find a station near you. Listen online or download the podcast at

On Thursday, June 11 at 10:20 AM ET Fr. Frank will be interviewed on The Catholic Channel on Sirius Satellite 159 or XM Satellite 117.

Spirit of Truth

The Holy Spirit, who comes at Pentecost, is called the Spirit of Truth, and His gifts enable us to understand the value of creation. We can therefore ask the Holy Spirit to give us an understanding of the value of the human person. “The Spirit himself gives witness with our spirit that we are children of God.” Abortion, on the other hand, sees the human person as a disposable object.

The Spirit of Truth enables us to understand the difference between good and evil. This works directly against the dynamics of the abortion movement, which identifies a moral evil as a “right.” Devotion to the Holy Spirit is a key element in praying for the conversion of mind and heart necessary for those who defend and perform abortions.

–Fr. Frank

Latino Priest Questions Sotomayor Nomination

Contact: Margaret 888-735-3448, ext. 251
Date: May 27, 2009

Staten Island, NY – Fr. Victor Salomon, Director of Hispanic Outreach for Priests for Life, said today that the nomination of Judge Sonia Sotomayor does not merit automatic support from Latinos; rather, Latinos and all Americans should carefully scrutinize her views on abortion.

“What would be the value of having a Latina Supreme Court justice who wants to uphold rulings that have taken the lives of millions of Latino children?” asked Fr. Salomón. “My fear is that this nomination may be great news to those who think it’s OK to abort babies at any time for any reason, but not for those of us who want to share the positive values of Latino culture.”

Fr. Salomon, originally from Venezuela and a priest since 1998, works with Rachel’s Vineyard Ministries to assist women suffering from the spiritual and emotional effects of abortion.

Fr. Frank Pavone, National Director of Priests for Life, added, “The fact that we know little of Judge Sotomayor’s positions on abortion means we need to find out soon. There are enough people in government, including the President, who are all too willing to let this holocaust continue. It’s time to put more people in government who will work to see this holocaust end.”

The Coming of the Holy Spirit

This weekend we celebrate the Feast of Pentecost, the coming of the Holy Spirit. The creation account in Genesis tells us that “a mighty wind,” the “spirit” of God hovered over the waters and brought life and light out of chaos and darkness. The Holy Spirit is “the Lord and Giver of Life,” and this is true both on a natural and supernatural level. To worship the Holy Spirit, then, demands that we stand against all that destroys life.

On the first Easter night, Jesus breathes His Spirit upon the apostles, that they too might forgive sin and bring new life out of chaos and darkness. A second Creation account is taking place here. The same Spirit who causes sin to flee will cause death to flee as well. Let’s work to end abortion.

National Director of Priests for Life On Judge Sonia Sotomayor’s Supreme Court Nomination

Date: May 26, 2009 888-735-3448, ext. 251

Staten Island, NY – Fr. Frank Pavone, National Director of Priests for Life, says he has just one question about Judge Sonia Sotomayor as she is nominated by President Obama for the Supreme Court: “Does justice include the right to tear the arms and legs off of babies, crush their skulls, and treat them as medical waste?”

“We all draw the line somewhere. An avowed racist or anti-Semite is not acceptable on the Supreme Court. Why should we give a pass to the violence of abortion?”

Novena to the Holy Spirit

Today, pro-life people around the world are invited to begin a special Novena to the Holy Spirit, Lord and Giver of Life. At you will be able to sign up for this novena and download the prayer.

The period of time between the Ascension and Pentecost was the original novena, when the disciples prayed at Jesus’ instruction that they would be clothed with power from on high.

That Holy Spirit, the Advocate, made them bold advocates for the Gospel. The same boldness is needed by us as we announce the sanctity of life and denounce the many attacks on life, beginning with abortion and euthanasia.

Let us pray in this novena that he will make us bold advocates for the unborn and all the vulnerable.
-Fr. Frank

On The Issue of “Reducing” Abortion

We sometimes hear from those on the other side of the pro-life battle that they want to work together with us to “reduce” the need for abortion. It is part of our pro-life mission to reduce the numbers of abortions, and in fact our goal is not just to reduce but to end it. We have to start by making it clear that there is no need for abortion in the first place. No abortion is necessary, neither medically, nor morally. Women get abortions not because of freedom of choice, but because they feel they have no freedom and no choice. Yet when the People of God provide better choices, the way is clear to help both mother and child. Yes, we will reduce abortions, but let’s never imply there is a need for abortion.

–Fr. Frank

Common Ground

In his Notre Dame speech, President Obama addressed the abortion issue and said that we have to try to find common ground, and have open minds and hearts when we speak and listen to those who disagree with us. Yet he also mentioned in that speech the Brown vs. Board of Education decision of the Supreme Court that outlawed segregation. Certainly he wouldn’t say that we should have an open mind that maybe that decision was wrong. Open minds and common ground only go so far. They stop at the boundary of the truth – and the truth about the sanctity of life is that it deserves protection at every stage, and that government has no authority to deny that protection. Let’s pray that such protection under the law will come soon.
–Fr. Frank

Pentecost Novena Prayer

Priests for Life invites you, your family, your pro-life group, and your parish to join in saying the
following novena prayer.

Please sign up at this link to let us know you have joined the many others who are praying this novena!

In the days leading up to Pentecost, the disciples prayed for the coming of the Holy Spirit. We too pray for his coming, and for his power that renews the face of the earth and brings about the victory of life.
(Spanish version — En Español)

Holy Spirit,
At the dawn of creation,
You brought order out of chaos,
Light out of darkness,
Life out of nothingness.

Breathe on us once again,
And change this culture of death
Into a Culture of Life.

Inspire in your people
A spirit of generous welcome
For each and every life,
No matter how unexpected or dependent
That life may be.

Holy Spirit,
You are the Advocate.
As you fill us with Yourself,
Make us advocates
For the unborn and all the vulnerable,

Until we are all united
In the endless life and joy
of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit,
One God, forever and ever. Amen.