Priests For Life Launches Facebook Cause “Pray to End Abortion”

To promote prayer to end abortion-

1) Prayer is the foundation of all we do in the pro-life movement
2) Novenas throughout the year connect our pro-life position to our Christian spirituality
3) Pro-life prayer acknowledges that God wants to accomplish His will through us
4) Acting now, through prayer and contact, is necessary to persuade Congress to exclude abortion from coverage in health care reform legislation

Brothers and sisters,

Prayer is the foundation of all we do in the pro-life movement, and we invite you to join tens of thousands of others who are offering, each day, a prayer of commitment to build a culture of life. We urge you to pray, throughout the year, the daily prayer to end abortion. You will find the web address for this prayer below. We invite Christians of every denomination to join in saying this prayer each day, and to let us know that they are saying it.

When you sign up you will have an opportunity to leave your email address with us. This will also enable you to receive my regular pro-life commentary every two weeks.

Thank you for joining this prayer effort. Please spread the word!

Throughout 2009, Priests for Life will invite believers to participate in the several special Novenas of prayer. As each Novena begins, we will post a link below to the prayer that can be said for that Novena.

Please visit to see our a list of all Novenas for the year.

God bless,

Fr. Frank Pavone
National Director

Prayer Campaign For Health Care Reform

Because of the importance of the health care reform debate, Priests for Life has launched a prayer campaign, inviting all believers to pray that the kind of reform we undertake will respect and protect human life rather than destroy it. The pro-abortion forces in our country want to use health care reform to fund the abortion industry, expand the number of abortion facilities, and weaken state regulations on the procedure. Together with lobbying efforts, we need prayer.

At, you will find the prayer that you can say each day, asking that our elected officials will have wisdom, that our fellow citizens will have strength to call them to account for their decisions, and that health care reform will be based on the reform of our hearts and minds.

–Fr. Frank

Exclude Abortion From Health Care Reform

The biggest problem the abortion industry faces is recruiting employees. Fewer and fewer doctors want to use their skills to kill babies. More and more abortion mills are closing. And staff turnover in abortion mills is very rapid. It’s hard to be involved in child-killing each day.

The abortion industry, therefore, is always trying to recruit new abortionists. They try to make abortion training mandatory in medical school, and they hope chemical techniques will make the killing easier for the doctor.

And now, health care reform is another way. Because abortion will be considered an essential health benefit, hope to see federal money pour into the abortion industry and expand the number of abortion mills and abortionists. To stop this, we need to urge Congress to explicitly exclude abortion from health care reform.

–Fr. Frank

Abortion is Not Health Care

Some people think abortion is health care. But what disease does abortion cure? What medical problem does abortion solve? There is actually no proven medical benefit to this procedure.

A medical procedure is supposed to help the body to do something it’s supposed to do but is having trouble doing. Abortion is just the opposite. The body is already doing what it’s supposed to do — that is, nourish and protect the unborn child. Abortion stops all that, killing the child and harming the mother. It is the reverse of a medical procedure.

Before doing any procedure, a physician has to know what medical purpose and benefit the procedure will provide to the patient. There is no disease that abortion cures. It should not in any way be considered health care.

–Fr. Frank

Love Leads to Life

On July 25, 1968, Pope Paul VI issued the encyclical letter Humanae Vitae, which means, “Of Human Life.” In that relatively short document, which you can find at, he outlines the Church’s vision of human life, marriage, and the connection between human love and the creative action of God.

Love and life are two very simple and very similar words, and they represent two gifts that go together. Love leads to life; it does not close it off. Love welcomes life, it is not afraid of it. Love and life go together because ultimately, they are simply two aspects of the one God.

One of the best ways you can observe this anniversary of Humanae Vitae is to read it. Go to and you will find the text along with helpful commentary.

–Fr. Frank

Oppose Taxpayer Funding of Abortion

Most Americans oppose taxpayer funding of abortion. Yet as legislative history and court decisions demonstrate, unless abortion coverage is explicitly prohibited, it will be included in health care reform. Moreover, considering abortion as a part of essential health services will result in the expansion of abortion killing centers all around the nation.

The research of the Alan Guttmacher Institute proves that when abortion funding is excluded, some 30% of women whose abortions would have been covered choose life instead.

As we lobby Congress to exclude abortion, let’s also pray that health care reform in this nation will respect life, and not expand the killing. Go to to download a special prayer for this purpose and to sign up for the campaign.

–Fr. Frank

Stealth Care

A lot of energy was expended to stop the “Freedom of Choice Act” (FOCA), and those efforts succeeded. But pro-life groups warned that the FOCA provisions to expand abortion and force us to pay for it would be snuck in under another bill.

Well now it’s here, and we have to act quickly to stop it. The health care reform bills now being finalized in Congress are going to end up mandating the federal funding of abortion without even mentioning the word — unless Congress explicitly excludes abortion. And that’s what we have to urge them to do. Otherwise, we will end up with a health care reform bill that will expand abortion more radically than anything since Roe vs. Wade.

Abortion, of course, is not health care and has nothing to do with health care. After all, what disease does abortion cure? None. And what proven medical benefit comes from the procedure? Again, none.

But in the minds of President Obama and the abortion lobby, abortion is essential. On July 17, 2007, for instance, Barack Obama said to the Planned Parenthood Action Fund, “Reproductive care is essential care, basic care so it is at the center, the heart of the plan that I propose…insurers are going to have to abide by the same rules in terms of providing comprehensive care, including reproductive care…that’s going to be absolutely vital.”

And Hilary Clinton said the following to the House Foreign Affairs Committee on April 22, 2009: “Reproductive health includes access to abortion…”

Many will be misled by the fact that the health care bills don’t talk about abortion. But as Congressman Chris Smith pointed out in a June 26 letter to colleagues in Congress, “Without abortion explicitly excluded from any government mandated or government funded benefits package, abortion will be included. Time and again, bureaucrats and courts have decided that abortion must be included in public health programs unless the Congress explicitly provides otherwise.” That is why explicit exclusions of abortion have been placed in programs like SCHIP and the Federal Employee Health Benefits Plan.

Without such an exclusion in health care reform legislation, federal officials would be empowered to mandate coverage of abortion in virtually all health plans; massive federal subsidies would be provided for abortion on demand; an expansion of abortion providers would be required; and at least some state abortion regulations would be nullified.

A vast majority of Americans oppose the public funding of abortion. As Congressman Smith points out, “Abortion funding restrictions save lives…The…Alan Guttmacher Institute periodically publishes reports on the effect of limitations on abortion funding. They have concluded that when Medicaid does not fund abortion 30% of Medicaid-eligible women who would have otherwise had an abortion choose life” (June 26 letter to colleagues).

In committee, pro-life amendments to prevent abortion coverage have already been rejected by pro-abortion legislators. And they want to vote on a health care bill within weeks, before people have a chance to consider all the implications. Your Representative and Senators need to hear from you today.

For more details, visit

Emergency — call Congress today.


This is an urgent alert.

As you know, a lot of energy was expended to stop the “Freedom of Choice Act” (FOCA) from being introduced.

And it wasn’t introduced. But we warned that its provisions of expanding abortion and forcing us to pay for it would be snuck in under another bill.

Well now it’s here, and we have to act quickly to stop it.

The health care reform bills now being finalized in Congress are going to end up mandating the federal funding of abortion.

Unless Congress explicitly excludes abortion. And that’s what I’m asking you to urge them to do.

Please take these three steps today:

a) Click here and read more about this and then fill out the form at the bottom to send a message to your representatives in Congress.

b) Call the offices of your Representative and two Senators at 202-224-3121 and tell them that you want abortion to be explicitly excluded in any health care reform bill.

c) Email us at to tell us that you have done this so that when we speak to members of Congress in the coming days, we can tell them how many of our people have made this request.

Friends, if we don’t do this, we will end up with a health care reform bill that will expand abortion more radically than anything since Roe vs. Wade, and we will find ourselves under a law requiring abortion funding. The other side wants to sneak this in and wants to do so in the next few weeks.

Let’s stop them today.

God bless you!

Fr. Frank Pavone

PS — Please take the action steps above today, and let me know that you have taken them! Thank you!

Speaking the Truth in Love

In his new encyclical, Caritas in Veritate, Pope Benedict says, quote “Love is an extraordinary force which leads people to opt for courageous and generous engagement in the field of justice and peace.” End quote. We often think that “speaking the truth in love” simply means speaking it gently and kindly. But it’s more than that. As the Pope states, it means speaking it with courage and generosity, with a force that leads one to sacrifice oneself and to endure the opposition that always comes when we advance truth in the midst of falsehood. It also means that love never permits us to obscure the truth. Christian love is truth-filled love, and Christian truth is love-filled truth. It is a truth that never hesitates to defend the rights of others, starting with the right to life.

–Fr. Frank

An Ongoing Tragedy

In the thirteenth chapter of Ezekiel, we read these words, which the Lord told Ezekiel to speak to the people: “Will you ensnare the lives of my people but preserve your own? You have profaned me among my people for a few handfuls of barley and scraps of bread. By lying to my people, who listen to lies, you have killed those who should not have died.”

The ongoing tragedy of abortion is an example of how lies kill those who should not have died. And the most fundamental lie behind abortion is not that the fetus isn’t a baby – rather, the lie is that one has a right to kill that baby. The lie is that a few handfuls of barley – that is, economic reasons – can be balanced against the value of a life.

–Fr. Frank