The Feast of the Guardian Angels

Today the Church observes the Feast of the Guardian Angels, and reflects on the fact that from the first moment of our existence, God assigns an angel to watch over us at every moment of our lives. Of course, this means that each unborn child has a guardian angel, too. If God cares enough about each unborn child to create that child and then assign him or her an angel, then certainly he expects us also to exercise some care and vigilance to speak up for and protect the lives of those children.

It also means that we can pray to the guardian angel of each unborn child we are trying to save, as well as to the angels of the mother and father of that child, that they will have the courage to choose life.

–Fr. Frank

Participate in The “Life Chain”

This Sunday October 4, cities and towns across American will hold the annual “Life Chain,” in which, people stand on public sidewalks holding signs calling for an end to abortion.

Often, lives are directly saved when people who are ambivalent about abortion witness how many people care about them and their unborn children.

Some cities have held LifeChain events for over two decades; while others will have a LifeChain for the first time this year.

In many places, there will be many children participating – they are survivors who could have been aborted — and they are aware that as they speak up for the unborn, they also speak up for themselves.

Please join Life Chain; see for details.

–Fr. Frank