Advent and The Second Coming

Advent focuses our minds and hearts on the Second Coming of Christ. At a time nobody knows, He will return to earth, separate good from evil entirely, and publicly judge every person who ever lived. All the good we have done, especially at the price of ridicule, will be rewarded in the presence of the entire human family and the saints of all time. Those who ridiculed us, especially for our pro-life stance, will be proven wrong, and will be ashamed of not having stood for life.

As Advent reminds us of these things, let it strengthen us to be even bolder in speaking up for what is true and right. In the light of the eternal judgment and the Second Coming of Christ, what sacrifice is too great to make for our smallest brothers and sisters who need our help today?

–Fr. Frank

Preparing to Observe Thanksgiving Day

Our nation is preparing to observe Thanksgiving Day, a holiday that makes it clear that we are not self-sufficient, but rather dependent on the God who gives us both our life and our freedom. We thank Him for both, realizing that there is no gift greater than life itself. One of the best ways we express our gratitude for the gift of life is to defend that gift when it is under attack, or when its value is denied.

This Thanksgiving, I will be praying for each of you, and giving thanks for your efforts to defend life. Let us give thanks that we can be part of the greatest civil rights movement of all time, the pro-life movement.

–Fr. Frank

Blessed Are You When Men Revile You

Blessed are you when men revile you and persecute you and utter every kind of evil against you falsely on my account. Rejoice and be glad, for your reward is great in heaven.

So many pro-life leaders I know, including myself, have been falsely accused in public of advocating or even doing violence. Pregnancy centers, which compassionately serve parents and their babies every day, have been falsely accused of deceiving the public. Activists who try to change the laws have been falsely accused of opposing democracy.

The litany goes on and on, and proves that pro-life people are living this beatitude. They should rejoice, for their reward in heaven indeed is great. The children, who cannot know how much pro-life people love them, cannot repay them. They will be repaid in the resurrection of the just.

–Fr. Frank

The Best Videos in the World of our Unborn Neighbors

Fr. Frank Pavone
National Director, Priests for Life

It’s light years beyond ultrasound and will make you practically fall off your chair when you see it.

We at Priests for Life are now promoting and distributing to every sector of the Church and the pro-life movement the most vivid, powerful, and striking videography of the unborn child that exists. Obtained through a rarely used technique called embryoscopy, in which a video camera the size of a pen-point is inserted abdominally or cervically, this video footage has been incorporated into a 42-minute video called “The Biology of Prenatal Development,” now available from Priests for Life.

You can see segments of this imagery at Priests for Life’s special website

It is widely known in the pro-life movement that ultrasound imagery changes peoples’ minds and hearts. With this stunning, color imagery of the child from four to twelve weeks after fertilization, we expect even more radical conversions.

The DVD was produced by the Endowment for Human Development, written and researched by a medical doctor, and endorsed by numerous medical experts. The video has received 11 video awards for its excellence, and has even been distributed by National Geographic!

The video does not address the abortion issue, but certainly will inoculate anyone from pro-abortion arguments. The video is intended for a non-professional audience of ages 12 and higher, and yet does not oversimplify its subject matter. Hence, it is even useful for medical school audiences. Along with the embryoscopy method, five other medical imaging techologies are used in the video, with accompanying commentary on the scientific facts of the child’s development. Some of those facts are outlined below.

Priests for Life intends to make this video available to every pregnancy center, every school, and every Church in America. You can help us to do that! Here are some steps you can take:

1. Sign up at to keep informed about this project.

2. Purchase your own copy of the DVD from Priests for Life and an additional copy to give to a school principal or pastor in your community. Let us know that you are doing this so that we can keep track of what parishes and schools are covered.

3. Make a donation to cover the cost of sending the DVD to every parish or school in your community, diocese, or state!

4. Recruit others to support the project by showing the DVD at your pro-life group meeting, other meetings, or at gatherings you can host in your home.

Among the developmental facts documented in the DVD are the following:

The heartbeat is observed three weeks and one day after fertilization, and the heart will beat 54 million times before birth!

At 6 weeks the embryo begins making spontaneous movements. Touch his mouth and he will withdraw his head.

At eight weeks, 90% of the anatomical structures found in adults are present – that’s 4000 distinct anatomical structures!

The child has unique fingerprints at 10 weeks – the same fingerprints he or she keeps throughout life.

Find out more at

Observing Thanksgiving

This week we observe Thanksgiving Day. We rejoice in the God who has given us life and freedom. The Founding Fathers of the United States of America were godly men, who understood their dependence on God and the fact that He was the source of all their blessings. The single most frequently used source for their ideas and writings was the Bible, and they taught that the nation they were founding could never survive without the worship of God and adherence to His law.

They did not believe in the kind of separation of Church and state that some espouse today — in fact, the phrase is found nowhere in the Constitution or the Declaration of Independence. Rather, the Declaration declares our dependence upon God four separate times. Let us give thanks for our nation and for our faith.

–Fr. Frank

Feast of Christ the King

This weekend the Church observes the Feast of Christ the King. It is a feast that acknowledges that Jesus is Lord, not only of individuals, but of nations, empires, cultures, and the entire universe. It is a feast that focuses on the fact that he will come again to judge the living and the dead, and that all history finds its fulfillment in him. The Dominion of Christ over all creation is shown in the fact that he has conquered death. That is why his followers are pro-life. They bear witness to his kingdom, which the liturgy of this weekend says is “a kingdom of truth and life, a kingdom of holiness and grace, a kingdom of justice, love, and peace.”

This weekend, let’s celebrate the fact that Christ is King, and that life has the last word over death.

–Fr. Frank

Blessed are the Meek

Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth. The person who lives the Beatitudes knows that God is the source of all he needs. Although he develops his human skills and asserts himself as necessary, the Lord’s servant never believes he has to hurt another to get what he needs. The meek are strong and secure in their dependence on God. They will have a healthy ability to fight for their rights, but will not do so with an anxious need to dominate. In the Lord, they know they will inherit the earth.
The Culture of Death, on the contrary, is built on the idea that sometimes you have to do violence to advance your rights, your career, or your freedom. The violence of abortion is seen as a path to fulfillment.

–Fr. Frank

The Ninth and Tenth Commandments

The Ninth and Tenth Commandments forbid us to covet what belongs to our neighbor, whether it be his spouse or his possessions. This commandment, in other words, requires us to limit our desires by respecting the boundaries between what is ours and what isn’t.

That is a sacred boundary that is completely shattered by abortion. The boundary between what is the mother’s and what is the child’s completely disappears. Some, for instance, will justify abortion because the mother has to get on with her life. But so does the child.

Some will justify it because the mother has freedom not to be burdened. But so does the child. And in denying that the child has the same freedom she claims to have, she destroys the meaning and foundation of her own.

–Fr. Frank

Religious Leaders Urge Senate To Resist Abortion Funding

Staten Island, NY – Fr. Frank Pavone, President of the National Pro-Life Religious Council, said today that if the Senate wants to pass a health care bill that respects the will of the American people, it will need to add restrictions to abortion funding.

“A majority of the House of Representatives voted for the Stupak/Pitts amendment, and that represents the thinking of a majority of Americans,” Fr. Pavone stated. “The Senate should act in a similar manner. This is a health care bill, not a bill to expand child killing.”

“Those who argue that abortion is a private matter in which the government has no business cannot then insist that federal funds be used to pay for it,” added Fr. Pavone. “Money laundering schemes or shell games will not be tolerated. Abortion is not health care and taxpayers should not be forced to subsidize it.”

The Eigth Commandment

The Eighth Commandment declares, “You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor.” Everyone has a right to his good name and reputation, and this commandment forbids us to lie about what someone has or hasn’t done, or about who someone is.

The culture of death violates this commandment in a profound way. By allowing court decisions like Roe vs. Wade that says, “the word person…does not include the unborn,” society bears false witness against the unborn. It is a lie.

Abortionists go even further and call our unborn brothers and sisters names like “parasites,” or “products of conception” or “medical waste.” They bear false witness.

And anyone who says an abortion is justified is bearing false witness by denying that the child has the right to be protected from the abortionists’ knife.

–Fr. Frank