New Young Leaders for the Pro-life Movement

Thanks to the annual March for Life in Washington DC, many new young leaders for the pro-life movement will come forward. The march not only challenges society to recognize and protect the unborn, but it also renews and inspires those who do the marching. It was the march for Life in 1976, in which I participated as a high school senior, that sparked my interest in the pro-life movement, to which I have now devoted my life and ministry.

Of course, many of the marchers are motivated by the fact that they could have been aborted. As they speak up for the unborn, they are really speaking up for themselves. And we reaffirm that they are persons not because they are wanted, but because of the dignity they receive from their Creator

–Fr. Frank

In Remembrance of The Tragic Roe v Wade and Doe v Bolton Decisions

This month, in remembrance of the tragic Roe v Wade and Doe v Bolton decisions, that legalized abortion in America throughout all nine months of pregnancy, numerous pro-life events take place in Washington and throughout the nation. I hope you will be participating in some of them.

Even some people who support abortion are against Roe v Wade, because it took away from the people in the states the right to vote on abortion policy in their own state. Even the most pro-life states, with legislatures and governors eager to protect the unborn children of that state, are deprived of the ability to pass such laws, because of Roe v Wade.

I have no doubt that we will see the day when these decisions are reversed. Let’s continue to work and pray for that goal!

–Fr. Frank

The Baptism of the Lord

This weekend, we celebrate the Lord’s Baptism, and reflect on the meaning of baptism itself. This sacrament gives us many pro-life lessons.

When we baptize a baby, it proves that God chooses us before we choose him, for every life belongs to him.
And baptism is not just about that baby, but about the whole church welcoming her. All the members of the Church extend their hearts and arms in welcome of that new life. Baptism shows that we are always called to give a welcoming “YES” to life, and never the harsh “no” of abortion.

The so-called “prochoice” message is that we choose whom we will care for. Baptism teaches us that we are responsible even for those that we do not choose.

–Fr. Frank

When Roe v Wade Will be Overturned

This month many of you will march for life, in Washington DC and in your own towns and cities. The day will come when Roe v Wade will be overturned. The Court could say that the people can decide whether abortion should be legal in their own state. But the Court could also rule that the unborn child must be protected as a person under the 14th Amendment, just like the born must be protected. The Roe v Wade decision itself admits that if the unborn child can be shown to be a person, abortion cannot be legal at all.
Reversal of this disastrous decision remains a key goal for which the Church and the pro-life movement continue to work and pray. As pro-life people march this month in various events, let’s renew our commitment to that goal.

–Fr. Frank

An Invitation to the March for Life

May I extend to you a personal invitation to join me for the Annual March for Life in Washington DC on January 22? On the morning of the March, I will lead and preach at an interdenominational gathering on Capitol Hill at 8am and present a pro-life award to outstanding leaders. This is the premier indoor pro-life event on Capitol Hill. Admission is free.

Then, as the Marchers reach the Supreme Court, I will be gathered with the women and men of the Silent No More Awareness Campaign. Those hurt by abortion will share their testimonies. Please come to show them your spiritual support and gratitude for exposing the damage abortion does. Let’s match their courage with ours in spreading their stories.

You can get more information about both events by visiting

–Fr. Frank

The Silent No More Awareness Campaign

At the March for Life in Washington, DC, women who have had abortions lead the way. As they march they carry signs that say “I Regret My Abortion.” This Silent No More Awareness Campaign brings to the March a renewed emphasis on the fact that the pro-abortion movement is wrong, not only when they deny the humanity of the child, but also when they claim that abortion helps the mother.

Then, in the late afternoon, these mothers gather at the steps of the Supreme Court, and share their testimonies one by one. Fathers of aborted babies are also there, with signs that said, “I Regret Lost Fatherhood.”

If you have lost a child to abortion, we want to hear from you. Visit, and join our efforts.

–Fr. Frank

Marching For Life

The March for Life in Washington, as well as the Walk for Life in San Francisco, are always great events each year. People show up to express their support of the unborn and to encourage one another. They also bear witness to the wider society, that in order to have justice at all, we must have justice for everyone. Often the media does not give adequate coverage to these events. We need to continue to challenge them and build relationships with them. But at the same time, we must be the media. We must be the ones to carry the news about the pro-life movement to our families, friends, and co-workers. When the media fails to cover these events, we become even more obliged to fill the gap. Don’t be afraid to speak up today!

–Fr. Frank