Fr. Pavone on Kagan Nomination

Washington DC – Fr. Frank Pavone, National Director of Priests for Life, issued the following statement in response to the President’s anticipated announcement today of his choice for a Supreme Court nominee:

“Supreme Court Justices are not supposed to shape public policy, and their nomination and confirmation should be based on their qualifications, not their views on specific issues.”

“But there are certain issues so central to the very nature and purpose of government that one’s position on those issues is tantamount to a qualification for the job. The very purpose of government is the protection of human rights, starting with life. No court can legitimize an act of violence, such as abortion, or take away human rights.

Anyone who fails to affirm that does not belong in any public office, much less the US Supreme Court.”

Priests for Life has begun a Facebook page for people who hold the same view; see for details.

Know Your Leaders’ Positions on Abortion

Priests for Life has done some professional polling of the African American community on abortion, and has found that more than half of those polled did not know the position of the President and of the Democratic party in favor of legal abortion.
Often, those who support the legality of abortion do not talk about their position, nor about abortion itself. The reason is twofold. First of all, abortion is already legal throughout pregnancy, so silence simply maintains the status quo. What more is needed for those who like things the way they are? Secondly, it never helps the abortion advocate to bring attention to what they are advocating, because it is unpleasant. The more people know about abortion, the more they reject it. Let’s make sure we know our leaders’ positions on abortion.

–Fr. Frank

Communicate with Congress

Members of the House of Representatives have introduced legislation to fix the abortion funding provisions of the recently passed health care law. It would also protect the consciences of health care workers that are currently not protected enough.

This is one of many efforts that will continue to take place, both before and after November’s elections, to bring the law more in line with the attitudes of the public about abortion funding.

Even if pro-life measures cannot pass a particular Congress, it’s crucial that they be debated and that we the people communicate with our legislators about such measures. Both those who are pro-life and those who are not need to hear from us. We don’t have to wait for special campaigns. Let’s make sure our families, groups, and parishes are constantly communicating with Congress.

Dear Abby…

A recent “Dear Abby” column was about a couple who had their child aborted and faced opposition from another family member. They weren’t sure whether to keep asking forgiveness. Abby messed up the response, claiming abortion was none of the family member’s business.

This attitude reinforces the blind spot too many have to the unborn child, and to the fact that abortion is an act of violence that kills that child.

What, then, is our business? Is it not our business to intervene to prevent violence and killing? Is it not our business to rescue children in danger, no matter who is hurting them?
Ultimately, someone else’s abortion is our business, because the children in danger of abortion are our brothers and sisters. Ours is the business of love, which intervenes to save the neighbor.

–Fr. Frank

Abortion: Nothing Less Than Government Approved Violence

Tea Party activists around the United States are gathering and expressing their conviction that government has to be limited, that the power resides in the people, and that elected officials are not our rulers, but rather our representatives.
The most egregious example of government control and intrusion into our lives is actually abortion. By legalizing it, our government has claimed power over human rights, and the ability to declare some human beings not worthy of protection.
Abortion is nothing less than government approved violence, and if government can approve violence against any one group of people, it has violated the principle that keeps all the other groups safe.

Limited, representative government means government that understands that it has no veto power over human rights, starting with the right to life itself.

–Fr. Frank

Priests for Life part of Cardinal O’Connor’s legacy

New York, NY — Father Frank Pavone, national director of Priests for Life, issued the following statement today:

“The world lost a great man 10 years ago today. The unborn lost a true champion for life. At Priests for Life, we lost a mentor and a friend. It was under the guidance of Cardinal John J. O’Connor and with his wisdom that Priests for Life was founded in 1991, and with his permission and encouragement that I became the national director in 1993. Cardinal O’Connor was an exemplary bishop, priest and teacher, but his appeal reached far beyond the Catholic Church. He was a witness to humanity, to its meaning and its dignity.”

National Priest Leader Urges Gov. Crist to Sign Ultrasound Bill

Staten Island, NY – Fr. Frank Pavone, National Director of Priests for Life, today called on Governor Charlie Crist to sign the newly passed bill that allow women to view ultrasound images of their unborn babies prior to abortions.

“It is always wrong to kill a child. And so many who would permit this so-called choice don’t even want women to know what they are choosing,” said Fr. Pavone. “The abortion lobby thinks women either don’t deserve or can’t handle the truth. I urge Governor Crist to stand for women and stand for the children whose fates will depend on his signing this bill.”