The Founding Fathers Were Pro-Life

I recently assisted in putting together a conference for hundreds of pastors, who received new courage in preaching the Word of Life. My friend David Barton of Wallbuilders gave a message in which he pointed out that public officials who don’t recognize the first inalienable right, life itself, will not be likely to recognize other inalienable rights we have. He showed specific voting records, and how those who get it right on life will also get it right on economic issues. He summed it up by saying, “If they can take your life, they’ll take your money, too.”

The founding fathers did write about abortion, and did declare that the right to life is the first right that government must recognize and protect. Those who fail to do so fail to govern.

–Fr. Frank

Ultrasound Laws

A leading abortion supporter recently commented on laws that require women in abortion mills to have the opportunity to see their baby on ultrasound. She said that the laws interfere with the patient-doctor relationship. Of course, in an abortionist’s world, what they mean is that these laws interfere with the flow of money from the patient to the doctor. The more you know about the baby, the less you want to kill her.

The abortion supporter also claimed that these laws don’t respect the woman’s ability to make informed choices. But on the contrary, they precisely enhance that ability, by helping her see what she often finds out too late, that the baby is far more developed than the abortion industry admits. May more states pass such ultrasound laws as soon as possible.

Ultrasound Increases Bonding Experience

Five Month Unborn BabyA New York Times article recently said that women seeing an ultrasound of the baby before abortion don’t usually change their mind. But this is wishful thinking among abortionists. The experience of the pro-life movement, particularly in the pregnancy centers, is very clear and consistent that seeing the baby increases the bonding experience, gives the mother a clearer understanding of how developed the child is, and gives her new strength to choose life.

Of course, where you are when you see the ultrasound will make a difference. If you’re in a pregnancy center already, you’ve opened yourself to receive the helpful guidance you need. If you’re on an abortionist’s table, it’s harder to turn around, and you’re surrounded by people whose very livelihood depends on your continuing with that procedure.

Abortion and African Americans

Some abortion supporters who don’t like the statistics that African American women have a higher abortion rate try to explain that away by claiming that the abortions among non Blacks aren’t being adequately reported.

But this shows a lack of awareness of how the abortion industry operates. First of all, statistics coming from the abortion show a better picture of how many abortions occur than do statistics from the government, and they show the discrepancy among African Americans. Furthermore, to the extent that abortionists fail to report abortions, they do not do so based on factors of race, but rather because they are careless, unscrupulous, and undisciplined practitioners, some of whom simply do not want to be known as abortionists.

The disregard of abortionists for matters of conscience knows no bounds.