Overstepping Its Authority

Pro-abortion politicians will often say to us, “The government should not be involved in such a personal decision as abortion.”

Our response? The government got “too involved” in abortion when it claimed to have the authority to deprive some human beings of their right to life. The Declaration of Independence asserts that government exists to secure the rights already bestowed by the Creator.

Some say it is none of the government’s business to prohibit abortion. Actually, it is none of the government’s business to permit abortion. As soon as a government does so, it transgresses its authority, denies the Declaration of Independence, and forsakes its primary duty, which is to protect the lives of its citizens.

Indeed, the government should get out of the business of abortion.

Abortion Harms Women

Pro-abortion politicians will often say to us, “I support women’s rights and health.” Our response? That is precisely why you should examine the evidence, which is more plentiful than ever, that abortion is destructive of women’s health, and listen to the growing voices of those who have been harmed by abortion. That is also why you should examine how the abortion industry, through unregulated and dangerous clinics, continues to deceive and exploit women.

The fact is that abortion destroys women’s rights and women’s health, and pro-abortion activists continue to ignore that fact and hide it from the public.

I recently helped prepare for hearings that were held just days ago in the United States Senate on the question of how abortion harms women. It’s time for pro-abortion politicians to pay attention.

I’m personally opposed to abortion, but can’t impose my views on others.

Pro-abortion politicians will often say to us, “I’m personally opposed to abortion, but can’t impose my views on others.” Our response? This is not a matter of views, but of violence. The law is supposed to protect human life despite the views of those who would destroy it.
Suppose someone does not believe that you are human. By holding that belief, they do not break any law. But if they try to kill you because of that belief, they have broken the law.
The law doesn’t care what they believe. The law simply protects your life, whether they recognize its value or not.
By passing laws to protect the unborn, we are not trying to force people to believe anything. We’re simply protecting lives that some people believe are worthless.

All Means Everyone

Pro-abortion politicians will often say to us, “I respect your views, but I have to represent all the people.” Our response? That’s what we’re trying to say to you. If you neglect the unborn, you are not representing all the people. Roe vs. Wade excludes them from protection; we demand that they be included.

A public servant cannot legitimately ignore an entire segment of the public that is being destroyed.

Yes, an elected official has to represent all the people. That means that we cannot draw artificial lines that say that some people aren’t really people after all. But that’s what the pro-choice mentality does.

Elected officials should represent all the people. That starts with protecting all the people, whether they are convenient or inconvenient, healthy or sick, born or unborn.

No Closer Bond

In a few days we will celebrate the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Like every Feast, it is a celebration of Jesus Christ. This feast shows us that because of her unique role as his mother, Mary received from Jesus a full share, body and soul, in His victory over death. The feast is a reminder that in Christ, we all will share resurrection of the body.

Mary has it now, because in the human family, which God decided to join, there can be no closer bond than mother and child. They belong together; their destinies are intertwined.

That is one of the central messages of the pro-life movement: to love and care for a mother necessarily means protecting, loving, and caring for her child. Mothers can never benefit from the destruction of their children.

Contrary to Popular Opinion

At the recent UN meeting of the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women, the Russian Federation delegation highlighted a new two-year program of the Ministry of Health that focused on the prevention of abortion and the protection of life. The delegation was pleased to report to the committee that for the first time in decades, the birth rate was now exceeding the abortion rate and that the “declining number of abortions was also decreasing women’s mortality rates after birth or abortion.”

Of course, such a trend is not surprising. Abortion brings more complications to a woman’s life, health, and subsequent pregnancies than most people know. When reports like this come out, we should echo them, talk about them, and bring them to the attention of our own government.

Time to Face the Music

An abortionist in California is now facing a homicide charge in the death of one of the women on whom he performed the procedure. After complications developed that he could not handle, he called 911, but only after a long delay. When the ambulance arrived, the woman was in cardiac arrest. She died six days later. The abortionist had given the woman the wrong dosage of anesthesia.

Now, guess who this abortionist is blaming for his troubles? Pro-life groups, of course. He says that national groups and local activists make use of secret alliances to put abortionists out of business.

It is time, of course, for all abortion clinics to go out of business so they stop killing. But when are they going to take a bit of responsibility for their own actions?

No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act

Although the current pro-abortion Congress will not allow it to advance, a bill has been introduced called the No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act. It would establish a consistent government-wide prohibition on abortion funding. This is, of course, consistent with the strong opinion of most Americans.

Each year, pro-life lobbyists have to fight to keep abortion funding out of various bills. The No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act seeks to solve these problems through a single legislative act.

The abortion industry is losing support among American citizens, which is why it constantly seeks money from the government. Our Representatives in Congress should be told of our support for a measure like this, so that tax money no longer supports an industry that kills children and an activity that violates the conscience of so many.

Assumption Novena Begins Tomorrow

Priests for Life begins tomorrow a Novena of Prayer in preparation for the feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. This Assumption prayer for life can be found at priestsforlife.org. The prayer reminds us that this feast is about the victory of life over death, and renews our confidence in the power of that victory as we battle evils like abortion.

The prayer proclaims the hope of the Gospel: that every human life, in body and soul, be seated on the throne of God. The prayer also asks that we will grow in reverence for the human body, which is a temple of the Holy Spirit.

Please download the Assumption Novena for Life at priestsforlife.org and invite your family, pro-life group, school and parish to take part in it.

Fr. Pavone’s Statement on Kagan Confirmation

Staten Island, NY – Fr. Frank Pavone, National Director of Priests for Life, issued the following statement today on the Senate’s vote to confirm Elena Kagan to the Supreme Court of the United States.

“The confirmation of a Supreme Court Justice who will not uphold the right to life of the unborn is an opportunity to repeat a simple truth: Any court decision, like Roe vs. Wade and others that affirm it, which say we have a right to do wrong, lack all juridical validity. They are null and void in principle, because they call violence a right. We have no obligation to obey them, and in fact, must resist them by conscientious objection.”