Fr. Pavone on 2010 Elections: Time to Get to Work

Staten Island, NY – Fr. Frank Pavone, National Director of Priests for Life, issued the following statement today on Tuesday’s elections:

“Last night was a great night for the pro-life movement. New pro-life Governors, Representatives, Senators, and state legislators across the nation have won victories.

“I am grateful to the Vote Pro-life Coalition and to all who worked so hard to inform their fellow citizens and get them to the polls.

“Now let’s communicate with and encourage our newly-elected officials, and work with them on the specific initiatives that will need our help. And let the work begin to make even greater progress in 2012. Sign up at”

Political Responsibility is an Ongoing Process

When the disciples of Christ exercise their citizenship and elect people to public office, the responsibilities of those disciples do not stop there. The duty of electing public servants then becomes the duty to lobby them, to hold them accountable to those who elected them, and to the responsibilities of public service.

The first of those responsibilities is the defense of human life and human rights. Those in public office who fail in this responsibility need to be challenged by the public. And those elected officials who do carry out their duties need to hear from us words of encouragement and our offer of assistance.

Many who hold public office have told me that they cannot do their job unless we believers do ours. Let’s get to work, then, and lobby for life.

Let Us Commend to God the Souls of the Dead

Today is All Souls Day, when we commend to God all those who have died. I invite you to commend to God especially the souls of all babies who have been aborted.

In his encyclical “The Gospel of Life” Pope John Paul II says this to the parents of aborted children: “To the Father and to His mercy you can with sure hope entrust your child”. We exercise “sure hope” because we know that St. Paul wrote that God wants all to be saved.

Baptism is the ordinary way to be born into God’s grace. But for those killed without baptism, we can still have sure hope. This weekend and always, let us entrust them to the Lord, who does not forget anyone that He creates, even when we do.

God Alone is the Master of Life and Death

Today the Church observes All Saints’ Day, and many of those saints were martyrs.

But what is the difference between martyrdom and suicide?

It is the difference between giving and taking.

In suicide, one takes his own life, pretending to be the master of it.

In martyrdom, one realizes that only God is master of his life, and therefore that he cannot hold on to that life at the cost of betraying God. Martyrdom is the very opposite of suicide, because the martyr declares that God alone is Lord of Life, and that being faithful to Him is worth any price, including death.

As we honor the martyrs and all the saints, let’s recommit ourselves to building a world that acknowledges God alone as the Master of life and death.