Clergy Luncheon on July 7th in Montrose, CO

Dr. Alveda King and I will be guest speakers at the 2011 Night Vision Music Festival taking place July 8th and 9th in Montrose, Colorado.

Prior to the Festival Dr. King and I will be speaking at a pastor’s luncheon in Montrose. If you are a pastor or priest and would like to attend the luncheon on July 7th, please RSVP with your name, church name, and position to by Friday, July 1st.

Night Vision is a two-day free festival that features activities for all ages including: a comedy tent, worship, kid’s corner, workshops, carnival riders, and as the event finale, fireworks! Admission is free, but parking, food, beverages are not included.

For more information this event, please visit

Resources We Provide

In their pastoral plan for pro-life activities, the Catholic bishops of the United States have asked that at every Mass a prayer be offered for the defense of human life.

To help parishes fulfill this request, Priests for Life prepares an entire set of Prayers of the Faithful for each Sunday of the year, based on the readings for that Sunday.

Among these petitions each week is a prayer for an end to abortion and other forms of violence, and for the growth of a Culture of Life.

We also provide homily hints and bulletin inserts for each Sunday.

You can find these resources at, and we also provide them weekly via e-mail.

Help your pastor today by bringing him these weekly pro-life resources for the liturgy. Visit for information.

Today is the Feast of Saints Peter and Paul

On June 29th the Church honors the Apostles Peter and Paul. We pray that we will be faithful to the teaching and grace handed down from the Apostles. At the heart of that faith “that comes to us from the Apostles” is the teaching on the Sanctity of Life. The fact that God cares for human life is the basis of all He does for us; the fact that He has entrusted us to the care of each other is the basis for all we do for each other. Peter and Paul had relied on the Lord to sustain them in many battles. That is true of the Church throughout the ages, yet “the gates of Hell will not prevail.” These words apply well to the battles to defend a Culture of Life against a Culture of Death.

Truth has an Eloquence All its Own

Today I want to share with you the following email I received from a pro-abortion person who visited our website at and saw the pictures of aborted babies. She wrote:

“I have been a pro abortion catholic… After seeing the pictures of what it exactly was, I nearly cried thinking I supported this awful murder. I ask Jesus my Christ to forgive my past way of thinking. I finally “get it.” This is pure murder. I pray that more people will get to know what it is they are supporting.”

The person then signed the letter with the pen name, “My Shame.” These pictures, at, have this effect on people every day. Invite others to view these images. You may email and print them. Nothing is more effective to end abortion.

The Tide is Turning

A June 2011 survey from the Public Religion Research Institute finds that more than half of Americans say abortions are morally wrong, and that young Americans do not show any more support for abortion than those who are older.

As PPRI pollster Robert Jones said, “It’s not the kind of issue that one celebrates.”

In May of 2011 a Gallup poll found similar results, showing that Americans believe abortion is morally wrong and that all or most abortions should be illegal. That poll showed that by a 24% margin, 61%-37%, Americans take the pro-life view that abortions should either be legal under no circumstances or legal only under a few circumstances.

To find out how you can help mobilize these majorities to bring an end to abortion, visit

Feast of St. John the Baptizer

Today the Church celebrates the Feast of the Birth of St. John the Baptizer, who leaped for joy in the womb of Elizabeth because of the coming of Christ. John told the people to prepare for Jesus’ coming by repenting of their sins, and continued to preach that message of repentance to those in power, such as when he told King Herod that it was wrong for him to have his brother’s wife.

John is an example for us to speak the truth boldly. Being a prophet is not primarily about telling the future, but about telling the present – pointing out what God thinks of what is happening now and what He wants us to do about it.

As we honor John the Baptizer, then, let us resolve to boldly proclaim the right to life for all, including the unborn.

Sunday is the Feast of Corpus Christi

This coming weekend the Church celebrates the Feast of Corpus Christi. We worship the God Who gives us His very Body and Blood.

An early Christian symbol of Jesus was the Pelican, because of the legend that the mother Pelican wounded herself to feed her children with her own blood. You can still see this on some altars. This makes us think, at the same time, of the Eucharist and of the relationship between a mother and her unborn child, who is nourished in the most intimate way by nutrients carried in the mother’s blood. Jesus gives Himself to us daily on the altars of our Churches so that we can give ourselves to our children – born and unborn – daily on the altars of our lives.

Join Us for an Independence Day Novena

The celebration of our nation’s independence is an important moment to reflect on the blessings of God, the meaning of freedom, and the task to expand the blessings of freedom to our unborn brothers and sisters who are still enslaved by our nation’s abortion policies. That’s why Priests for Life begins this Sunday a special novena of prayer for our nation, in preparation for Independence Day. You can download the prayer at The prayer reminds us that our Founding Fathers took inspiration from the Gospel in founding this nation, and that our task is to secure liberty and justice not just for some, but for all, including the unborn. Please visit, download the Independence Day Novena, and invite your family, pro-life groups, schools and parishes to take part in it.

Join Us in Jacksonville!

From June 23-25, the National Right to Life convention will be held in Jacksonville, FL. Hundreds of pro-life activists will gather from around the country to sharpen their skills in talking about abortion, lobbying for pro-life laws, electing pro-life candidates, and healing those wounded by abortion.

Just as important, these pro-life people will strengthen one another with their sharing of information, experience, and encouragement.

The National Right to Life Committee is one of the most respected and effective lobbying groups in the United States, as acknowledged by supporters of abortion as well as opponents. National Right to Life has also played an irreplaceable role in getting pro-life candidates elected to public office, and then keeping them pro-life once they get there. For information on how to register for this conference, visit the NRLC web site.

The “Sacrament” of Abortion

The Sacrament of Abortion is the title of a book written by Ginette Paris and published in 1992. In this short book, the author claims that abortion is a sacred act, a sacrifice to Artemis (known to the Romans as Diana).

Artemis is both a protector of wild animals and a hunter who kills them with deadly aim. How can these contradictory roles be found in the same female deity? The view proposed in this book is that a mother properly cares for life only if she possesses full power over life and death. Death is sometimes preferable. The one who can provide death, in order that one may escape an unfriendly life, is really loving the one who is being killed.

Abortion, then, is seen as “an expression of maternal responsibility and not a failure of maternal love” (p.8). “Artemis stands for the refusal to give life if the gift is not pure and untainted….As Artemis might kill a wounded animal rather than allow it to limp along miserably, so a mother wishes to spare the child a painful destiny” (p. 55).

Artemis, of course, is the same goddess whose worshippers felt so threatened by Paul’s proclamation of the Gospel in Ephesus, where a riot nearly broke out and a vast crowd shouted for two hours, “Great is Artemis of the Ephesians!” (Acts 19:34). The worshippers of Artemis today should likewise feel that their beliefs are threatened, because the proclamation of the Gospel of Christ is that He alone has authority over life and death. Neither the mother, nor the father, nor the state, nor the individual herself, can claim absolute dominion over life. “Nobody lives as his own master, and nobody dies as his own master. While we live, we are responsible to the Lord, and when we die, we die as His servants. Both in life and death, we are the Lord’s” (Rom. 14:7-8).

The fact that some defend abortion as a sacred act should alert us to the depth of the spiritual warfare that is going on. Abortion has never been merely or even primarily a political issue. It is a false religion. When pro-life Christians, for example, pray in front of an abortion mill, it is not simply a matter of pro-life people opposing false medicine. It is the true Church in conflict with a false Church. One former clinic security guard, after being converted, admitted why he was angry at pro-life sidewalk counselors: “You were coming to protest in front of our church. That clinic was where we conducted our worship.”

May all believers, and their clergy, take renewed strength to speak out against abortion. Not only is doing so consistent with the proclamation of the Gospel; it is the proclamation of the Gospel.