Today’s Pro-Life Reflection


These reflections are taken from the book “Pro-Life Reflections for Every Day” by Fr. Frank Pavone which is available for purchase at:

“As for the saints who are in the land…in them there is all my delight” (Psalm 16:3).

Reflection: God calls his people to work together for the cause of life and justice. Just as we cannot work in isolation from God, we likewise cannot work in isolation from one another. Every laborer in the Lord’s vineyard has something to learn from every other laborer, and together they lift one another up in times of weariness.

Prayer: Lord, you call us and form us into a community of life and of justice. Keep us working hand in hand, and in unity of heart, for the purposes you inspire. Amen.

“What is the state going to do with these babies?” Fr. Pavone outraged that Gosnell victims still being mistreated

STATEN ISLAND, NY — Fr. Frank Pavone, National Director of Priests for Life, issued a statement today in regard to the 45 babies whose mangled bodies were retrieved during a 2010 raid on the abortion clinic of Dr. Kermit Gosnell, who is now serving multiple life sentences for the murder of three of those children. The bodies of the 45 children have been in the possession of the Philadelphia Medical Examiner during the course of the various legal proceedings against Dr. Gosnell.

“In April, we requested permission from the Philadelphia Medical Examiner to bury these children,” Fr. Pavone stated. “The nation was stunned to learn how Dr. Gosnell killed these children, and then stored their bodies in cat food containers and freezers. Now we have an opportunity to treat them better, by at least honoring their bodies with a proper funeral and burial.”

Fr. Pavone’s request for the bodies received wide publicity as the trial entered its final weeks. As the jury deliberated, Priests for Life held a service in which these 45 children were given names.

Now, however, through a letter from the Medical Examiner, Priests for Life is being told that the bodies “will not be released to any third party organization.”

“People across the country are now asking why. Pro-life as well as pro-choice people, citizens and their political leaders, and even relatives of the babies, want to know why we cannot give these children a proper burial,” Fr. Pavone explained. “And, of course, the other big question is, What is the state going to do with these babies? Will they be thrown in the garbage as medical waste? Will they be burned?”

Priests for Life has asked the public to direct these questions to the Medical Examiner’s office in Philadelphia, and is appealing to state and federal officials to intervene. “If there was so much outrage over how Dr. Gosnell treated these children, shouldn’t there be outrage as to how the rest of us treat them now?”

Priests for Life intends to hold a national funeral service for the Gosnell babies, whether or not the bodies can be obtained. “This is the least we can do, given the humanity of these children and the inhumanity with which they were treated,” Fr. Pavone said. “People were rightly upset by the Gosnell case; this will be a way to bring some closure to the experience and let the healing begin.”

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Today’s Pro-Life Reflection


These reflections are taken from the book “Pro-Life Reflections for Every Day” by Fr. Frank Pavone which is available for purchase at:

“And for this I pray: that your love may increase ever more and more in knowledge and full insight” – Philippians 1:9

Reflection: After seeing photos of abortion, a teenager wrote,  “I am a 15 year old girl… I have looked at most of your website tonight and I must say that I am astonished. I knew that abortion was basically murdering your fetus, but I had no idea it was such a cruel process. Your pictures gave me the best image of what really goes on in abortion clinics.”

Prayer: Lord, help your people to love their unborn brothers and sisters by growing in knowledge of what threatens their lives. Amen.

Today’s Pro-Life Reflection


These reflections are taken from the book “Pro-Life Reflections for Every Day” by Fr. Frank Pavone which is available for purchase at:

“When you come, bring along…the scrolls, particularly the parchments” (2 Timothy 4:13).

Reflection: One of the practical things we can do for the pro-life cause is to purchase some of the latest pro-life books and donate them to the public library. You can be sure that abortion advocates fill the libraries with their books. Let’s make sure our children are receiving the pro-life message.

Prayer: God of all knowledge, give your people a thirst for learning, and a zeal to educate others in the message of life. May we never tire of reading and study in the cause of life. Amen.

Today’s Pro-Life Reflection


These reflections are taken from the book “Pro-Life Reflections for Every Day” by Fr. Frank Pavone which is available for purchase at:

“We have only done our duty” (Luke 17:10).

Reflection: The pro-life movement is not controlled “from above” or orchestrated through commanders giving orders. Rather, the response to children in danger of being killed flows from our most basic human inclinations. This is why the movement is so large and diverse, and why such diversity is legitimate.

Prayer: Lord, if we were not to respond to children who are in need, we would be acting as if we were not human. Thank you for the pro-life movement, which shows forth humanity at its best. Amen.