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I hope you have been tuning in to my You Tube channel ( and helping me spread far and wide the two videos I made depicting the two most common abortion procedures. We want to be able to generate news stories from the fact that these videos get a lot of viewers, so that we can spread, through the power of mass media, the reality of what abortion is, and challenge pro-abortion politicians to admit what they are talking about when they say “abortion.”

Two things that are amazing once videos like this are posted are a) the impact they have on people, as reflected in comments like, “I never knew how horrible abortion really was – we have to work to stop it”, and b) the ways that some people, who don’t want to admit this, will try all sorts of rationalizations to avoid the uncomfortable truth of the matter, as reflected in the question that one person asked me, “Are you a board certified OB-GYN?”

The implication of that question is twofold, equally false in both aspects: a) that you have to be an OB-GYN to understand how an abortion is done, and b) that abortionists are board-certified OB-GYNs.

To understand how abortions are done, you only have to be able to read. The abortionists describe it pretty clearly in their medical textbooks (like Warren Hern’s Abortion Practice) and in court testimony, and that is what we quote when explaining it.

Moreover, the law does not require an abortionist to be an OB-GYN in order to do abortions. In fact, abortionists are the lowest rung of the ladder in the medical community, and often end up doing abortions precisely because they can’t do anything else. Read the book Lime 5 to learn more about that!

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Fr. Frank

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