A Flawed Logic

Some people argue against outlawing abortion, saying women will have abortions anyway, but by this logic, nothing would be illegal. After all, outlawing rape, armed robbery, murder and car theft has not stopped those crimes either. If we’re only going to pass laws that are 100% effective, then those activities should be legal, too.

The point is that laws are enacted because society has determined that certain behavior is abhorrent, not because society believes the law can completely eradicate it. In fact, however, making abortion illegal would eliminate most of it.

Moreover, the law sets a standard and clarifies people’s rights. If the law doesn’t draw a clear line against a mother having her own child killed, then the lines drawn to keep other people from killing one another have become meaningless.

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12 Responses to “A Flawed Logic”

  1. Gte says:

    The fact that women would seek abortions is immaterial? Are you not in the business of saving souls? You look at another woman lustfully and you commit adultry 1000 times. What is the measure for wanting to kill a baby?

  2. Suzeliseg says:

    Gte: immaterial to the question of whether abortion should be illegal. Of course that doesn’t mean that wanting to kill is not a sin.

  3. Gte says:

    Are you saying infidelity should be illegal. Taking the Lords Name in vain?

  4. Gte says:

    As the argument goes, at the moment of conception the soul is infused into the fertilized egg. The vitriol I hear from the pro-lifers is much like the arguments between Catholics and Protestants – whether Jesus was actually present in the Eucharist. Many Catholic have been martyr and died horrible deaths and suffered crimes because the believe Jesus was, and many Protestants died because they did not believe.

    They wall between Church and State, as intended by the non establishment clause was meant to forever settle ephemeral disputes by taking them off the table. You’re entitled to believe what you want and you will not be excluded from participating in government.

    The flaw in Father Pavone’s argument is that his interpretation of God’s Law is what everyone needs to accept or else the entire body of law is useless. Even the prolifers understand shades of grey. “You break one law, you’ve broken them all.” They understand that there are different grades of severity of offense. If you ask a pro lifer if he lusted after someone other than his wife – will you get an honest answer? I think you’ll find all lot of prolifers at the porn section of the local newstand committing atrocities. The fact is that much of the Bible’s meaning is found in the form of allegory, yet the most troubling line of that whole book is taken liturally.

    The bad news that I have to relate is that not everyone believes that life begins at conception. The law protect them as well; and protects them from persecution and disenfranchisement.

  5. Suzeliseg says:

    The establishment clause says the federal govt cannot establish a national religion. It does not intend that our laws not be based on morality. We have laws against murder, they should apply equally to all humans. Whether pro-lifers are also sinners is irrelevant. Once upon a time blacks were not protected by the law either. They were just as wrong as those who say it should be legal to tear apart a baby in it’s mothers womb. If it is morally acceptable to do so, why can I not do it right after he baby is born? Actually that would be easier. Or it would be more humane to let the baby be born, then give him a lethal injection. At least treat the baby like you would a dog that was being put down.

  6. Gte says:

    The crime of murder suggests that there is a life being taken. The opinion that life begins at conception is exactly the hogwash that non believers are protected from.

    You can’t do it right after the baby is born because at that point EVERYONE acknowledge it is a life. Keep thinking you’ll get it some day.

    That Blacks weren’t recognized as human is irrelevant. The question I’m am asking “Is it life?” That’s debatable. I am protected in my beliefs and I am not obliged to live my life any different.

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