Accommodation Isn’t An Option

The Pope and bishops, in their writings about abortion, have told us that we are not to “accommodate ourselves” to laws permitting abortion.

This means much more than simply not having or participating in an abortion. It means that we don’t let anything keep us from loving and defending the unborn. In other words, if the law protects the act of killing these babies, we are seen as “interfering” if we speak up for them and try to save them. We are made to feel out of place.

If we let that stop us, we have accommodated to the abortion law.

Instead, we are to look those laws in the face, say they have no authority, and speak up to save the children.

13 Responses to “Accommodation Isn’t An Option”

  1. John says:

    I was wondering whether you had any testimonials from people that have been mentally and physically scarred by sexual and physical abuse performed by catholic priests on children that were in their trust?

    It is very hypocritical to talk about being a pro-lifer whilst ignoring the damage done to children by members of the catholic church. You need to address the damage already done to people who didn’t have any choice in the manner that they were abused.

    I just love your related post, Defy Any Laws that Permit the Harm of Innocent Children, great title shame you catholics don’t live up to it.


  2. Jose says:

    John, it has never been legal to abuse children by anybody. The catholic church has never said or tried to legalize abuse, never. So why make this comment now? Do not understand that that is used constantly to try to discredit the catholic church? Oh wait a minute you are trying to discredit the catholic church. You support the people that put this laws in this land.

  3. Jose says:

    It so sad that most people that call themselves Christians accommodate themselves to abortion. God is not blind my brothers and sisters we will pay for the murder of so many unborn brothers and sisters. “I am my brothers keeper”

  4. John says:

    Ah Christians, believing in something collectively unprovable, only provable to oneself, a self fulfilling ideal if ever I saw one. And one that drives people to believe they know best for everyone, how pitiful. Pro-choice is about choice and not brainwashed belief. We live in a modern society with modern pressures, if you want to help then fight for a world where people don’t have to choose between a second wage or a child. Campaign for good child care so people can return to work, campaign against discrimination against women who put their family before career, for example. People make hard and difficult decisions in order to survive, to eat and I don’t see how you have the right to take that away from them. You also risk their lives by pushing abortion underground to seedy, backstreet practices where hygiene and safety are not the main concerns. How can you risk these people’s lives, have you no compassion? Oh yes, just your own short-sighted, self centred and misguided belief. Let me guess some old book that has suffered the ravages of translation and misinterpretation over hundreds of years is now your text of truth…that is just laughable; join the real world, with real pressures, look up from your mashed book of the past and understand the situation now and judge by what is best now rather than pivoting your whole thoughts and ideals on one or two sentences. Oh no, I forgot, you can’t let go of that crutch of that self confirming, unprovable ideal; I’d say you are misguided and wrong in your beliefs.

    As to the comment about the abuse of children, I’ve never seen a written statement in Ireland were the catholic church apologies or makes amend for the damage its members have done. You should read some of testimonials from the abused, quite sickening. So, why should anyone believe, or take notice these people who have broken the bond of trust

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  6. Travis says:

    Dear John (March 16, 7:43 pm),

    I’m sorry, but no religion is forcing women to go without birth control, but the government is forcing religion to accept it. Do you not see the problem here? When you are older, and perhaps enjoying your golden years, are you going to approve of the same government telling you that you must forego life-saving treatment because you’re too old? That puts a hamper on retirement.

    You don’t need to tell the Church about its sins. The Church is filled with sinners. Only difference is, the Church will admit it while the secular culture snobbily looks down on everybody else as inferiors and can do no wrong. Should we talk about where godlessness leads? Mass genocides of peoples, dictatorships, rationed healthcare, rationed food supply, slavery, STDs, broken families, aborted children, euthanized elderly, and all-around devaluation of human beings. Yes, members of the Church have done rotten things, because the Church is filled with human beings who are capable of all sorts of goods and evils.

    What is truly frightening is that I can read murder in your words, if these things you do truly believe. Am I wrong to think that, as I am a devout Catholic, you might want me dead?


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