Pro-Woman is Pro-Life, and Pro-Life is Pro-Woman


Almost a year ago, I had the honor of meeting a young woman named Andrea. Months earlier, on learning she was pregnant, she had taken the first drug in the RU-486 abortion regimen, and immediately regretted her decision. Racing against the clock, she found a doctor about an hour away from her home in New Jersey who would immediately begin a reversal protocol that stops the starvation of the baby. Her son Gabriel was born healthy on Dec. 31, 2014.

Andrea and her boyfriend are not married. Andrea was in nursing school when their unexpected pregnancy propelled her to Planned Parenthood. She worried that the baby’s birth would spell the end of her dreams.

How does she feel now? You only have to look at her Facebook posts to find out. …

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Today’s Pro-life Reflection: See Their Dignity


“Who gave man his mouth? Who makes him deaf or mute? Who gives him sight or makes him blind? Is it not I, the Lord?” – Ex.4:11

Reflection: God does not make mistakes. When a human being is alive, it is because God wants him or her to be alive. People do not have to measure up to our standards or expectations in order to have dignity and deserve protection.

Prayer: Lord, I pray for all those who are disabled, frail, and ill. Give them your strength and peace, and give us the eyes to see their dignity and value.

Today’s Pro-Life Reflection: After the abortion, I felt dirty, ashamed …

abortion left empty and alone

This reflection is taken from my book, Pro-Life Reflections for Every Day, which is available for purchase at:

“’Come now, let us reason together,’ says the Lord. ‘Though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they are red as crimson, they shall be like wool’” (Isaiah 1:18).

Reflection: A woman wrote, “After the abortion, I felt dirty, ashamed, like a low ant below all else. I felt betrayed, like a betrayer. Something which took such little time left a permanent scar. I sat in the rain the rest of the day, occasionally walking, crying, and not knowing why I really had the abortion.”

Prayer: Come, God of hope; lift up all burdened by their abortion. Make them whole again. Amen.

Fr. Pavone: Time to hold Planned Parenthood, lawmakers accountable


Date: August 25, 2015

Contact: Leslie Palma

NEW YORK — Fr. Frank Pavone, National Director of Priests for Life, released the following statement this morning regarding a newly released video of a conversation with Cate Dyer, the CEO of StemExpress:

“We have consistently maintained that Planned Parenthood profits from the sale of baby body parts. This video shows that clearly. Making a profit on the sale of body parts is against federal law. Despite the convictions of some abortion advocates, Planned Parenthood is not above the law. It is time to hold them accountable for their actions, and it is time for us to hold our public officials accountable to their responsibility to properly investigate and prosecute this illegal enterprise.”

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Absolutely No Exceptions

One of my favorite pro-life shirts is the one that says, “100% Pro-life, Without Exception, Without Compromise, Without Apology.”

That’s exactly the stand each of us is called to take; in fact, it is the only pro-life stance. Abortion is an intrinsic evil. It is evil by its very nature, and that evil is not altered by circumstances. To put it another way, if one lived for a million years — or forever — and did nothing but try to imagine circumstances that could justify a single abortion, one could never imagine one. It simply does not exist.

Every abortion, no matter what the circumstances, contradicts the law of God.

The circumstances in which a child is conceived — whether in love or by rape — can never make an abortion morally permissible. The circumstances in which the pregnancy advances — whether with sickness or health — can never justify the direct killing of a child. Every child, starting at the single cell stage, is a human person. The children conceived in rape and incest must have equal protection. The children of mothers with medically complicated pregnancies must have equal protection. Our duty to these children is absolute, and admits of no exceptions. To say that an abortion might sometimes be permissible is like saying an act of terrorism, of child abuse, of rape, or of Satanism is sometimes permissible.

There is no Court, King, Governor, President, Parliament, or Prince anywhere on earth or any time in history who can issue any decision, decree or declaration that would justify even a single abortion. When human lawmakers attempt to do so, the “law” that results is not simply a bad law; it is, in fact, no law at all, and carries neither authentic juridical validity nor any obligation to obey it.

But why, then, don’t we stop all abortions today? What are we waiting for? Obviously there are limits to what we can do. Every abortion is wrong. But as I dissuade one woman from doing it, many other women don’t hear me. As I speak to one group, there are countless groups not hearing me. And even if I blockade the door to an abortion clinic, what about all the other clinics that are operating at the same time? Lawmakers are not the only ones who face limits in how many babies they can protect today. We all do.

Yet while we acknowledge practical limitations, we can never limit the principle nor lose sight of the goal. No abortion is permissible, and every child must be protected.

Nor is it permissible for each state to decide on its own whether or not to protect the lives of the unborn. That makes no more sense than letting each state decide on whether to protect the lives of the born!

Life can be confusing, and the temptation to compromise with evil can be great. But the teaching about abortion is as clear and direct as it can be, and is best summed up with one word: never.

Today’s Pro-Life Reflection: God is faithful…

150405 blog image FF

This reflection is taken from my book, Pro-Life Reflections for Every Day, which is available for purchase at:

​”God is faithful, and he will not allow you to be tried beyond your strength. But together with the trial he will also provide a way out and the strength to bear it” (1 Corinthians 10:13)

Reflection: Those who have abortions do not have them because of “freedom of choice,” but rather because they feel they have no freedom and no choice. Mountains of pressure and confusion fall upon them. Yet in the struggle against temptation and sin, God always provides the way to say no to evil and yes to good.

Prayer: Lord, bless all those who counsel others against abortion. May they effectively announce the power of Your grace. Amen.

Fr. Frank Pavone Hails Arizona Committee for Raising Awareness of Abortion Drug Reversal Process


NEW YORK  – Fr. Frank Pavone today praised an Arizona House committee for passing a first- in-the-nation amendment that would call for women to be informed that if they take the first drug of a two-step chemical abortion process, but not the second, they may be able to stop the abortion process and deliver a healthy baby.

“A woman needs to know that if she undergoes the abortion regimen, RU-486, it may not be too late to save her baby,” said Fr. Pavone.  “Priests for Life Medical Advisor Dr. Matt Harrison has pioneered a technique that has now been adopted by a whole network of physicians in which such babies have been saved. In 223 documented cases, 57 percent of the women who received the abortion reversal treatment have been able to keep their healthy babies.  The Arizona legislature, by adopting this measure, has a chance to save lives and help mothers who change their minds after taking that first pill.”

Dr. Harrison performed the first-ever reversal in 2007. At a press conference in January sponsored by Priests for Life and the American Association of Pro-life Obstetricians & Gynecologists, Dr. Harrison said the baby who was saved is now a healthy and happy 8-year-old girl.

As currently administered, a chemical abortion involves taking the drug mifepristone, which makes the uterus inhospitable to new life and starves the baby. One or two days later, the second drug is taken to induce contractions and expel her child. The reversal process, which is gaining in usage as it becomes more widely known, can reverse the impact of the first drug and allow the baby to continue normal development.  Time is of the essence, though, in starting the reversal process.

Fr. Pavone said Priests for Life will push for the enactment of similar legislation in other states.

“The abortion lobby says women don’t change their minds about abortion. But most who abort are ambivalent, and when a procedure, whether early or late in pregnancy, takes a couple of days, there is a lot of opportunity for that ambivalence to assert itself,” Fr. Pavone explained. “We need to be there with the tools to help that mom and that baby. That is why we are asking counselors, medical professionals, pregnancy centers, pro-life groups, churches, and all citizens to spread the word about the abortion reversal. Moreover, we ask state legislators to introduce bills like the one in Arizona.”

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Yes, Terrorism and Abortion are the Same

Babies in Womb

With the beheadings and other acts of terrorism by ISIS, I have been asked a number of times recently what I think about the comparison between terrorism and abortion.

My answer is that they are in the same category, namely, the deliberate killing of the innocent. And this is a comparison I have been making for many years.  One of my past columns about the terrorism we witnessed on September 11, 2001, explains the comparison as follows:

What, after all, was the evil of September 11? Was it that lives were lost and buildings destroyed? An earthquake or tidal wave could have caused the same damage, but in those cases we would not have called it terrorism. It just would not have been the same as the evil of September 11.

What was it that constituted the specific evil of September 11? It was that some human beings had no regard for the right to life of other human beings. That makes the events of that day more profoundly disturbing than “loss” or “tragedy”; that’s what makes them “evil.”

Yet is this evil any less if the victims are five inches tall instead of five feet tall, or if the instruments of killing are surgical forceps rather than airplanes? The evil we fight when we oppose terrorism is merely a reflection of the evil we do. Every day, from coast to coast, our nation’s abortion clinics carry out the same evil. Some human beings disregard the right to life of other human beings.

Note that this is a comparison of the acts, not of the people involved. While the acts are of the same nature and gravity, the subjective guilt of the people doing them is just that — subjective. It depends on a wide range of circumstances affecting their knowledge and their freedom. There is no need — nor do we have the ability — to probe the state of a person’s soul. At Priests for Life, in fact, we minister to former abortionists, showing them the road to repentance. And as for those who have the abortions, we operate the world’s largest ministry for healing after abortion, Rachel’s Vineyard. So this comparison is not about condemnation of any person, but rather about actions.

The beheadings carried out in front of the eyes of the world recently by ISIS bring the comparison to an even more striking point. Through medical diagrams and through an examination of the way abortionists describe the abortion procedure, we see that abortion itself is a form of beheading. The medical textbook Abortion Practice by Dr. Warren Hern, an abortionist, states on page154, “A long curved Mayo scissors may be necessary to decapitate and dismember the fetus…”

Moreover, consider these words, spoken under oath, by abortionist Martin Haskell, describing legal abortion procedures:

“[W]e would attack the lower part of the lower extremity first, remove, you know, possibly a foot, then the lower leg at the knee and then finally we get to the hip…And typically when the abortion procedure is started we typically know that the fetus is still alive because either we can feel it move as we’re making our initial grasps or if we’re using some ultrasound visualization when we actually see a heartbeat as we’re starting the procedure. It’s not unusual at the start of D&E procedures that a limb is acquired first and that that limb is brought through the cervix … prior to disarticulation and prior to anything having been done that would have caused the fetal demise up to that point…When you’re doing a dismemberment D&E, usually the last part to be removed is the skull itself and it’s floating free inside the uterine cavity…So it’s rather like a ping-pong ball floating around and the surgeon is using his forcep to reach up to try to grasp something that’s freely floating around and is quite large relative to the forcep we’re using. So typically there’s several misdirections, misattempts to grasp. Finally at some point either the instruments are managed to be place around the skull or a nip is made out of some area of the skull that allows it to start to decompress. And then once that happens typically the skull is brought out in fragments rather than as a unified piece…” (Sworn testimony given in US District Court for the Western District of Wisconsin (Madison, WI, May 27, 1999, Case No. 98-C-0305-S), by Dr. Martin Haskell, an abortionist.)

Note that this is the abortionist himself describing the activity of abortion. These are not the words of a pro-life organization or church. There is no way to deny that the action of decapitating and dismembering a child in the womb is as much an attack on human life as the action of decapitating and dismembering an adult.

Another link between abortion and terrorism is the perversion of religion. As I wrote in one of my past columns,

Priests for Life maintains excellent working relationships with Muslims, and the people who work with us could never imagine a God who would justify people taking innocent human life. Yet we have learned that there are people in the world who call upon the one they regard as the world s Creator, and thank Him for the successful destruction of some of His creatures.

“You shall not use the Name of the Lord your God in vain.” That commandment does not simply forbid using God s name as a curse word. It forbids invoking God to justify evil acts. It forbids thanking God for what happened on September 11.

The name of God is also taken in vain to justify abortion. Many supporters of the killing of innocent babies engage in the same kind of perversion of religion.

If you want proof, start by looking at the website It is the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice. A more accurate title for the group would be False Prophets. They take the name of Jesus Christ, and His saving Gospel, and try to find there a justification for the dismemberment of tiny children.

The logo on their website is, “We are pro-choice because of our faith.”

They even have a Clergy for Choice Network. The “Clergy for Choice Pledge” reads in part, “We clergy members, representing many different religious denominations around the country, pledge our strong support for reproductive choice, which encompasses access to safe, reliable contraception, family planning education, comprehensive sexuality education, affordable and reliable childcare and health care, adoption services, and access to safe, legal, and affordable abortions.”

If you still doubt that abortion involves an explicit perversion of religion, read the cover story in the October 1993 issue of New Age Journal (“Sister Against Sister,” p.66). Author Brenda Peterson writes, “In her book Pagan Meditations, Ginette Paris describes abortion as an essentially religious act, a sacred sacrifice to Artemis. One aborts an impossible love, she writes, not a hatred. In her new book, The Sacrament of Abortion, Paris explains further that if we saw abortion as a sacred ritual, it would restore to the act a sense of the sanctity of life.” Newsweek magazine reports (October 17,1994) that many abortionists “have a missionary sense about their work.” Dr. Curtis Boyd, a Texas abortionist, told the magazine, “I perform abortions because of my religion.” Dr. Boyd is often asked by Native American women to bless the aborted fetus, and by Catholic women to baptize it. He proposes schools of theology develop special ceremonies and prayers to mark the loss of a fetus.

You shall not use the name of the Lord in vain — neither for terrorism against the born or the unborn.


Today’s Pro-Life Reflection: No word has the power to change the reality of things

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This reflection is taken from my book, Pro-Life Reflections for Every Day, which is available for purchase at:

“No word has the power to change the reality of things: procured abortion is the deliberate and direct killing… of a human being.” (Evangelium Vitae, 58)

Reflection: In discussing abortion, its supporters never defend the act of abortion itself, but only the alleged right of someone to have one. They focus on the freedom to choose it, but avoid describing what is chosen.
Our job is to focus the discussion on abortion itself, on what the act is.

Prayer: Come, Holy Spirit of truth. Fill our minds and give speech to our tongues. Give us grace to always face truth honestly, and enable us to challenge those who would evade it. Amen.

Father Pavone Urges Arkansas Governor Hutchinson to Sign Bill to Preserve Doctor-Patient Relationship


Date: February 20, 2015

Contact: Leslie Palma

NEW YORK – Fr. Frank Pavone, National Director of Priests for Life, is urging Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson to sign newly passed legislation that would require an abortionist to be physically present when administering abortion pills to a woman.

“The abortion business likes to talk about the doctor-patient relationship,” stated Fr. Pavone. “Why in the world should they have any objection, then, to a requirement that a doctor meet with his or her patient, examine her, and answer her questions in person?”

Priests for Life is the nation’s largest Catholic pro-life organization dedicated to ending abortion and euthanasia. For more information, visit