Supreme Court Order in Priests for Life vs. HHS (Part of Zubik vs. Burwell).. Further Comments from Priests for Life

Janet HHS sister

“We are encouraged by today’s development. The Supreme Court could have ruled against us, but evidently the Obama Administration did not succeed in persuading them to do so. A split Court could also have let the lower court’s negative ruling stand, but again, they did not see fit to do that. Instead, the Supreme Court, upon receiving further briefings, vacated the lower court rulings, and offered the parties an opportunity to work out a mutually acceptable solution in the lower courts, that will both allow the government to pursue its objectives and allow us to practice our faith. We are committed to continuing that process in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit.”


Read the entire Statement from Priests for Life:

March 25: A Special Day

Normally, March 25 is the Feast of the Annunciation, when God became an unborn child within the body of the Virgin Mary. This year, because this date falls in Holy Week, the Feast is transferred to Monday, April 8. 

But in whatever way it is being observed, we offer these links to assist you to reflect on the meaning of the Annunciation and to renew your commitment to defend the unborn. 

That fact that Jesus took on a human nature on the Annunciation, thereby joining all human life to himself, gives rise to two other aspects of this special day. 

First, in several nations, March 25 is observed as the Day of the Unborn Child. In some cases this is a designation from the Church and in other cases the government itself declared this observance. Pope Francis, when Archbishop of Buenos Aires, observed the Day of the Unborn Child in Argentina

Second, because of the meaning of this day, it was on March 25, 1995 that Pope John Paul II issued his encyclical Evangelium Vitae (The Gospel of Life), a Magna Charta for the pro-life movement. He considered this one of the most important documents of his long and fruitful pontificate. So do we. We invite you to read and re-read this marvelous teaching and to utilize the study guide our pastoral team has put together for it.


The Annunciation

Today, the Church throughout the world celebrates the Feast of the Annunciation.

This solemnity marks the moment when God Himself became an unborn child. At that moment He also began redeeming the unborn child — and all of us who once were unborn children. Never can the unborn be considered too small to be significant or to possess rights, for God Himself was that small.

In many countries, today’s Feast is observed as a special Day of Life, even by decree of the government.

At, you will find special prayers you can use in your homes and Churches as you observe this feast.

Let us all renew our commitment to the lives of the unborn, and to Jesus, whose image is in each one of them.