Priests for Life vs. HHS Lawsuit: Full Speed Ahead

National Webcast and Prayer Effort Announced

New York, NY – Father Frank reiterated today that the lawsuit he announced last week against the HHS to block enforcement of the mandate requiring objectionable services to be included in health insurance is moving ahead at full speed.

“The so-called ‘accommodation’ announced on Friday by the President changes nothing,” Father Pavone explained. “The moral problem remains, the coercion remains, and therefore our legal challenge remains. We want the mandate rescinded, period.”

Priests for Life will release more information regarding its legal action this week. In the meantime, Priests for Life is organizing a national webcast for Wednesday night, Feb. 15, featuring Congressman Chris Smith as well as leaders of the National Right to Life Committee (David O’Steen, Ph.D., Executive Director, and Douglas Johnson, Federal Legislative Director) to discuss the Obama mandate and the action that can be taken. Charles LiMandri, the attorney for Priests for Life in regard to the federal lawsuit, will also be a presenter.

At the end of the webcast, Priests for Life will also launch a national novena of prayer, to last from Feb. 16 through the 24th. Churches and individuals are urged to participate, and more information will be available on the webcast. Sign up at

Frightening abortion statistics

Some abortion supporters who don’t like the statistics that African American women have a higher abortion rate try to explain that away by claiming that the abortions among non Blacks aren’t being adequately reported.
But this shows a lack of awareness of how the abortion industry operates. First of all, statistics coming from the abortion show a better picture of how many abortions occur than do statistics from the government, and they show the discrepancy among African Americans. Furthermore, to the extent that abortionists fail to report abortions, they do not do so based on factors of race, but rather because they are careless, unscrupulous, and undisciplined practitioners, some of whom simply do not want to be known as abortionists. The disregard of abortionists for matters of conscience knows no bounds.

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Become Educated about Forced Abortion

A man in Ohio has been sent to jail for thirteen years because he tried to force his girlfriend, at gunpoint, to continue with a scheduled abortion after she changed her mind. The charges against him are not only because of the gun and the abduction, but significantly, for the attempted murder of the child.

Under Ohio’s 1996 fetal homicide law, a person can be found guilty of murder for killing an unborn child.

In this case the child’s father led the mother at gunpoint to the abortion clinic, but once there, she passed a note to the clinic personnel about the fact that she was being forced, and they called the police.

She has since given birth to a healthy child.

Find out more about efforts to stop forced abortion at

Idolatry in all forms goes against the teachings of God

The First Commandment is “I am the Lord your God; you shall not have other gods besides me.” There are many ways of having false gods. Pope John Paul II once wrote that to think we are the ones who decide whether a child should be created is to say that God is not God. At the root of the contraceptive mentality, and at the root of the so-called “pro-choice” mentality, is idolatry. We place our choices before God’s choices. We break the first of all the commandments. In the Old Testament, we read that God’s people committed idolatry when they sacrificed their sons and daughters in the fire to demons. Until we end the child sacrifice of legal abortion, we are guilty of the same kind of idolatry. Let us worship the Lord of Life!

The Center Against Forced Abortions

One of the important new developments in the pro-life effort in America is the Center Against Forced Abortions. Although abortion proponents like to use the word “choice,” that is not why people get abortions. Instead, they feel like they have no choice, and often this is because someone is forcing them.

The Center Against Forced Abortions has prepared a letter that can be sent to parents who are forcing their daughter to abort. The letter informs parents that they could be charged with crimes like fetal homicide or civil torts like battery, negligence, and false imprisonment can be incurred.

The abortion industry likes to say that it follows Roe vs Wade. But it does not. Roe v Wade neither envisions nor permits forced abortions, and it’s time to shed a light on this practice.