Join Us for Important Upcoming Webcasts!

The October Freedom Ride will call for freedom from the oppression of unjust laws and policies. Taking place just a few weeks before our national elections, the Freedom Ride will call in a non-partisan way for citizens to take an active and informed part in the elections and advance the culture of life in the voting booth. On these upcoming webcasts, you will receive ideas and inspiration to do that.

Click here to hear the replay of our first webcast that took place on September 7 with our special guests, Deal Hudson, Dr. Alveda King and David Bereit.

Priests for Life has formed a “Vote Pro-life” Coalition of national ministries. These groups work together to advance non-partisan activities to help the People of Life to engage the electoral process in an informed and responsible way.

The Coalition sponsors these webcasts that can be followed online or by phone, and that offer training for effective political action. Click here to listen to past webcasts and sign up to receive information on the upcoming webcasts listed below:

Vote Pro-Life Coalition-Freedom Ride Webcast, Pt 2: Wednesday, October 6, 9-10pm ET

(Topics include voter education, candidate fliers, announcing healing, preparations for Knoxville/Chattanooga Freedom Ride events)

Vote Pro-Life Coalition/Final Election Push Webcast: Wednesday, October 27, 9-10pm ET

(Theme is Get Out the Vote Activities)

I hope you will plan to join me and my expert panelists.

10 Steps to End Abortion

As part of the Freedom Rides for the Unborn, Priests for Life has launched the Ten Steps to End Abortion initiative. This is an effort by which the strategic thinking and planning of hundreds of pro-life leaders will be joined together in a ten step plan that can be followed both by individuals and organizations, churches, and dioceses.

The experience of the pro-life movement has shown what works and what does not work to stop the killing. Now it’s a matter of recruiting and training more people to carry out those things that work.

The Ten Steps to End Abortion project will lead also to a pro-life university online, that will provide training and credits in every form of pro-life activism.

For more info on all these items, visit priests for life dot org.