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The question of abortion in cases of rape concerns many Americans. Should it not be allowed even in those cases, they ask, especially when they think of their own daughters.

It is understandable and natural to want to protect one’s own daughter. But that’s precisely why abortion is not the solution, even if she is raped. Rape causes a trauma, and abortion causes yet another one. An abortion does not un-rape a woman, but adds another layer of shame and guilt upon an already wounded soul.

The book “Victims and Victors” talks about studies of women who, having conceived through rape, had abortions, but then suffered more from the abortion than from the rape.

Protecting our daughters means doing all we can to keep them safe both from rape and abortion.

Rachel’s Vineyard Establishes Medical Board

MALVERN, PA – The biannual training conference for the world’s largest ministry of healing after abortion, Rachel’s Vineyard, continued in Malvern, PA, Wednesday with the formal establishment of a Medical Advisory Board.

Rachel’s Vineyard utilizes the services of psychiatrists, psychologists, therapists and other professionals in the mental health field throughout the world. They assist both on the retreats and in the development and analysis of the effectiveness of this treatment model.

The establishment of a special advisory board now formalizes what has been happening all along, but brings the added advantage of being able to present to the medical and therapeutic community a more structured method of communicating about the issues of trauma and healing after abortion.

Some of the initial members of the Advisory Board are shown in the accompanying photo along with Pastoral Director, Father Frank Pavone. They are, left to right, Cynthia Dillard, Ph.D. (clinical psychologist), Martha Schuping, M.D. (psychiatrist), and Karen B. Stevensen, M.D. (psychiatrist).

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