Advocates of abortion have always tried to hijack the language and concept of freedom!

Advocates of abortion have always tried to hijack the language and concept of freedom. The reality of killing a child has been camouflaged in the words “freedom of choice.” Yet Scripture makes clear the real meaning of freedom. In Exodus seven sixteen, God has Moses tell Pharaoh, “Let my people go.” But here, and in the following chapters, this command in its fullness is, “Let my people go, that they may serve me.” Freedom has a content. It is not a cloak for whatever we want to do; it is a road to serve the Lord. And the service of the Lord means there are some things we always choose and some things that we always reject. The service of the Lord is a way of life – indeed a narrow way. Yet to follow it is freedom.

The Epitome of Deception

In the Lord’s Prayer, we ask, “lead us not into temptation.” Every temptation is a lie, that makes something evil look good.

Among the most masterful temptations of the evil one is to make the killing of a child seem better than the birth of that child. This is the lie that leads each day to thousands of abortions. As we pray, “Lead us not into temptation,” let’s keep in mind the need to protect all pregnant mothers from the deception of abortion. Let’s also pray against the temptation to be silent and passive in the midst of this holocaust. Sins of omission are the most frequent sins, especially in regard to the culture of death. Let’s say more, do more, and sacrifice more for life! Lead us not into temptation!

I’m personally opposed to abortion, but can’t impose my views on others.

Pro-abortion politicians will often say to us, “I’m personally opposed to abortion, but can’t impose my views on others.” Our response? This is not a matter of views, but of violence. The law is supposed to protect human life despite the views of those who would destroy it.
Suppose someone does not believe that you are human. By holding that belief, they do not break any law. But if they try to kill you because of that belief, they have broken the law.
The law doesn’t care what they believe. The law simply protects your life, whether they recognize its value or not.
By passing laws to protect the unborn, we are not trying to force people to believe anything. We’re simply protecting lives that some people believe are worthless.

Silent No More Awareness Campaign

The Christian Faith advances through testimony. Jesus gives testimony to the Father; the Apostles give testimony to the Resurrection; Paul gives testimony to his conversion; Augustine gives testimony in his Confessions; you and I give and receive the testimony of how Jesus changes the lives He enters. That is why the Silent No More Awareness Campaign is so powerful and necessary. Men and women wounded by abortion and then healed are speaking out about the lie of abortion and the power of Jesus. They are giving testimony to why life must be protected. The power of their testimony is calling many to repentance and healing. If you feel called to give a testimony about your abortion, or know someone else who does, contact us at