Today’s Pro-Life Reflection: You are the light of the world

This reflection is taken from my book, Pro-Life Reflections for Every Day, which is available for purchase at:

“You are the light of the world” (Matthew 5:14).

Reflection: In elections, each of us has but one vote. Yet we can all influence thousands of votes. And we should start with the people who need the least amount of urging – those who already agree with us on the key issues of the day, and who would probably support the candidates we support. Let’s reach for the “low-hanging fruit,” thereby getting more results for the energy we expend.

Prayer: Lord, let me not miss the opportunities you give me to mobilize your people to do good! Amen.

Today’s Pro-life Reflection: It Must Be His Angel


This reflection is taken from my book, Pro-Life Reflections for Every Day, which is available for purchase at:

“It must be his angel” (Acts 12:15). 

Reflection: God assigns an angel to watch over us at every moment of our lives. Each unborn child has a guardian angel, too. If God cares enough about each unborn child to create that child and then assign him or her an angel, then certainly he expects us also to exercise some care and vigilance to speak up for and protect the lives of those children.

Prayer: Send your angels, O Lord, to the assistance of all who are tempted to abort, and to all who work to persuade them to choose life. Amen.

Where Wisdom Lies

Fr. Frank Pavone with Troy NewmanTroy Newman and I have worked closely together for many years as colleagues in national pro-life leadership. We have collaborated on many projects, including behind the scenes advice and encouragement on many undercover projects, including the most recent one of Planned Parenthood. Troy is completely committed to the principles at the foundation of our movement, including that of non-violence. Those who see him as an enemy do so not because he is some kind of violent fanatic, but precisely because he is effective at what he does, namely, researching the weaknesses of the abortion industry and then using the legal system to make them accountable for their unscrupulous and dangerous practices.

Troy is not being allowed in Australia not because there’s something wrong with him, but because there’s something wrong with those who are denying him entrance. And we’ve seen this pattern in other countries too. What tremendous tolerance these governments show to viewpoints and activities that might rip the mask off their mindless devotion to keeping the status quo on the greatest holocaust of human history.

Added to the completely baseless blocking of his international travel is the attempt to prevent him from traveling within the United States. That is simply outrageous, and an immediate correction and apology is needed on the part of whoever made that attempt. The Australian government, needless to say, has no jurisdiction here. Moreover, the American authorities have some explaining to do when they start limiting the movement of their own citizens. And those of us in pro-life leadership will be particularly vigilant regarding any attempt to limit our freedom because some people give too much credence to the smears and slanders that are regularly leveled against us because of our role in leading the movement against abortion. I know what those smears are like, having been the object of public protests organized by sitting government officials, leaders of Planned Parenthood, NARAL, Catholics for Choice, and other groups who have accused me of fostering violence.

But as the Lord said, time will prove where wisdom lies.

Today’s Pro-life Reflection: I hold the keys to death


This reflection is taken from my book, Pro-Life Reflections for Every Day, which is available for purchase at:

“I hold the keys to death” (Revelation 1:18). 

Reflection: The alternative to accepting death is to try to control it by giving ourselves the authority to take life before life will make too many demands on us. Hence we have abortion, infanticide, and euthanasia. Just take control. Eliminate suffering by eliminating the person. “Euthanasia” is killing. As such, it contradicts the fact that God is God. In his “how-to” manual of suicide, Derek Humphrey, a key euthanasia advocate, writes, “If you consider God the master of your fate, then read no further” (Final Exit, p. 21).

Prayer: Lord, you are in control of my life, my suffering, and my death. Amen.

Today’s Pro-life Reflection: The Gospel of Life


This reflection is taken from my book, Pro-Life Reflections for Every Day, which is available for purchase at:

“The Gospel of God’s love for man, the Gospel of the dignity of the person and the Gospel of life are a single and indivisible Gospel” (John Paul II, The Gospel of Life, n.2). 

Reflection: Some who preach the Gospel think that pro-life activity is a “hobby,” added onto the Gospel. It is not. It is as integral to the Gospel as any cause or activity could be. The Gospel is all about the redemption and exaltation of the human person, and the marriage of humanity and divinity, in and through Christ.

Prayer: Lord Jesus, may we never lose our awe at the destiny your Gospel announces for humanity. Amen.

Today’s Pro-life Reflection: Do Not Be Afraid

This reflection is taken from my book, Pro-Life Reflections for Every Day, which is available for purchase at:

“The angel said to her, do not be afraid, Mary” (Luke 1:30). 

Reflection: Such is Gabriel’s message today to every pregnant mother. “Do not be afraid” to welcome new life, even when it upsets your plans, changes the direction of your life, and requires you to mature in unexpected ways. Do not be afraid if you feel unprepared, or others tell you that you are not ready. If God creates a life in the womb, he is making you ready, and has plans for that child and for you.

Prayer: Lord, remove all fear from the hearts of those who are pregnant, and fill them with your peace and joy. Amen.

I am happy to announce my brand new, improved blog. It is going to be the main place from which you’ll hear commentary from me on all the pro-life developments and action items, and features will continue to be added to it in coming days and weeks.

On here today is a video that I’d like you to watch, with an update about some upcoming activities in Congress this week, and pro-life events in coming weeks and months.


This past week in Philadelphia, our Pro-life Symposium was a major success! The National Catholic Register did an excellent article about it, and I am very grateful to the World Meeting of Families, the Archdiocese of Philadelphia, and the Pontifical Council for the Family at the Vatican for asking us to organize this official event.As many of you know, another series of protests against Planned Parenthood is set for Saturday, October 10. I hope you will be participating.That day also launches a period of prayer and fasting, October 10-18, for an end to the evils of abortion and Planned Parenthood.

Also, we are announcing that on Saturday, October 24, there will be a national funeral for the babies whose bodies were discovered in the abortion clinic of Philadelphia abortionist Kermit Gosnell. We named these babies and demanded that the Medical Examiner release them for burial with religious services. They refused that request from us and from the Archdiocese of Philadelphia, and recently cremated and buried the bodies themselves. We will therefore hold a funeral on the 24th. Stay tuned for more details.

Looking ahead to January, I hope you can spend two mornings with me in Washington, DC, on the day before the March for Life, and then on the March for Life day itself.

On the morning of Thursday, January 21 I will help lead a national protest of a new Planned Parenthood location in Washington, DC. Then, the following morning, I will help lead the National Prayer Service at Constitution Hall from 8:30 to 10:30am, with a Mass there at 7:30.

Please mark your calendars!

Talk to you soon!

Fr. Frank Pavone
National Director, Priests for Life

Today’s Pro-life Reflection: The Archangel Michael led the faithful


This reflection is taken from my book, Pro-Life Reflections for Every Day, which is available for purchase at:

“War broke out in heaven, with Michael and his angels in combat against the dragon” (Revelation 12:7).

Reflection: The Archangel Michael led the faithful angels in the battle that broke out in heaven when Lucifer rebelled. The devil and his followers thought they could be like God by their own choice. But Michael’s name means “Who is like God?” Only God’s choice can exalt us to his throne.
The battle between pro-life and pro-choice is the same battle. Some think their own choice, rather than God, that determines right and wrong.

Prayer: Sovereign Lord, may all acknowledge that you alone are God, and that your choice, not our own, exalts us. Amen.

Today’s Pro-Life Reflection: Free us from ever trying to use justice as an excuse for injustice…

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This reflection is taken from my book, Pro-Life Reflections for Every Day, which is available for purchase at:

“Adopting a consistent ethic of life, the Catholic Church promotes a broad spectrum of issues …Opposition to abortion and euthanasia does not excuse indifference to those who suffer from poverty, violence and injustice. …But being ‘right’ in such matters can never excuse a wrong choice regarding direct attacks on innocent human life” (US Bishops, Living the Gospel of Life, n. 23).

Reflection: Consistency cuts both ways, and challenges those with blind spots to human rights. The most common mistake is to tolerate child-killing while advocating for adults.

Prayer: Lord, free us from ever trying to use justice as an excuse for injustice, or right as a justification for wrong. Amen.

Today’s Pro-Life Reflection: Serve the Lord with fear …

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This reflection is taken from my book, Pro-Life Reflections for Every Day, which is available for purchase at:

“Take warning, O rulers of the earth. Serve the Lord with fear…” (Psalm 2:10-11).

Reflection: Pro-abortion politicians say, “The government should not be involved in a personal decision like abortion.” But the government got “too involved” in abortion when it claimed to have the authority to authorize it. The Declaration of Independence says government exists to secure the rights already bestowed by the Creator. Some say it is none of the government’s business to prohibit abortion. Actually, it is none of the government’s business to permit abortion.

Prayer: Instill in our civic leaders, O God, the proper fear of your kingship. May they realize the limits of their authority. Amen.