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We Should Take the Youth Seriously

Monday, February 28th, 2011

As we welcome young people into pro-life efforts, we should let ourselves be challenged by them. They will remind us of things which we have perhaps forgotten, and will even be able to teach us a new way of activism, and even a new way of thinking.

When confronting fundamental moral issues, our youth think in straight lines. Unaccustomed to layers of complication, young people can ask questions with a simple and direct clarity. “If children are being killed down the street, let’s go there and save them.” “If politicians support the killing, let’s tell people not to vote for them.” “If pastors are silent, let’s tell them to speak!”

While the young always need to be open to learn from those with more experience, they also need to be listened to.

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The Youth Play a Vital Role

Friday, February 25th, 2011

I often point out that our youth are not simply the “future leaders” of the pro-life movement. They are leaders here and now, in more ways than one.

Often I am asked to speak about the role of youth in the pro-life movement, and to encourage parishes and pro-life organizations to focus more on recruiting youth for this cause. In fact, this is not a difficult task. Youth understand the pro-life message better than many adults, and the most common response they give to the question, “Why are you involved in trying to stop abortion?” is “Because it could have been me.” They are aware that they were not protected in the womb, and could have been killed. They are survivors and they know it.

May our young people be strong in protecting the youngest. An excellent resource for youth is Students for Life of America (visit to learn more).

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