Divine Mercy


I’m flying back from Seattle today, and had a great Mass for Life with the members of Legatus yesterday, at which I addressed in my homily the critical importance of next month’s elections. It was good to see the fervor and determination of so many of them for making sure that pro-life candidates are elected. 

In one of the discussions I had with these business leaders, we talked about the relationship between the elections and mercy. Essentially, we are asking God for mercy on the nation when we pray for a good outcome of the elections. The US Bishops said in Living the Gospel of Life that we get the public officials we deserve. Yet we can pray, as we do in the First Eucharistic Prayer, “do not consider what we truly deserve, but grant us your forgiveness.” 

Today is the Feast of St. Faustina, to whom Jesus gave the Chaplet of Divine Mercy. He gave it to her specifically because the world needed to make reparation above all for the sin of abortion. She even felt the pains representing the women aborting their children. The pro-life movement has made the Chaplet, very appropriately, one of its key prayers. Let’s use it intensely in these final weeks before the election. 


Fr. Frank

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