Election Excitement

Excitement regarding the elections continues to build; that’s why we’re having another national election teleseminar on Monday night September 29. (See www.priestsforlife.org/conferencecall to get more details and sign up.) 

It is time to harness the energy that has been generated across the country, and organize it in the most productive way – that is, the way that will result in the most votes. It’s not time for long, involved arguments. It’s time, rather, to register voters who are ready to exercise their responsibility, to educate voters — who are already convinced of what’s right – regarding where the candidates stand, and to get people to the polls who are ready to cast their ballot – especially doing so early in the states that have early voting.

Join me and our expert panel by phone or internet on Monday night September 29 and let’s talk about getting to victory.

Fr. Frank

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