Elections Thoughts

Dear Friends, 

This Tuesday is Super-Duper Tuesday.

We’ve come pretty far down the road in this Presidential election cycle, and the wide-open races on both sides of the aisle have narrowed significantly. Tuesday, of course, is another significant step in the process, when some 22 states have primaries or caucuses.

I’d like to offer two thoughts on the process.

One is participation. We need to reach out to like-minded people and urge them to participate in the process, let their voices be heard, and have an influence on this election.

The second thought regards how we decide whom to vote for.

Along with the obvious need to evaluate the candidates’ positions on the issues, starting with the foundational ones, we also have to consider that having the right positions on an issue does little good unless the candidate with the right positions actually gets elected.

Therefore, one should consider – from whatever side of the issues one is coming – whether his or her candidate has the ability to win against the possible opposing candidates in November.

That is a consideration which many people miss, but which is essential.

And, of course, let’s all pray that the election process of 2008 will bring our nation forward on the path of virtue and righteousness.

Fr. Frank Pavone

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