Eliminating the “Need” for Abortion

We sometimes hear from those on the other side of the pro-life battle that they want to work together with us to “reduce the need for abortion.” It is part of our pro-life mission to reduce the numbers of abortions, and in fact our goal is not just to reduce but to end it. We have to start by making it clear that there is no need for abortion in the first place. No abortion is necessary, neither medically, nor morally. Women get abortions not because of freedom of choice, but because they feel they have no freedom and no choice. Yet when the People of God provide better choices, the way is clear to help both mother and child. Yes, we will reduce abortions, but let’s never imply there is a need for abortion.

One thought on “Eliminating the “Need” for Abortion

  • November 13, 2013 at 11:14 am

    I am concerned about your view that no abortion is necessary. 9 years ago I was pregnant and every year at this time I think about it. I was 8 weeks pregnant and I had no idea. The night I found out I was in the ER and I even saw the babies heart beat. Yes I know how far the baby was developed at that time I have had many health classes over the years. The problem that night was they found out something was with the pregnancy. I lost conscience and when I woke up the baby was gone as they had ended the pregnancy. If they had not I would have died that very night. In fact my heart did stop twice during the procedure. So my question for you is how can you say that there can never be a need for an abortion? If they had not ended my pregnancy I would have died along with the baby. Is it better that they let us both die so as to be able to say they didn’t kill a baby?


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