Well, it’s certainly clear to me that pro-life activists across the country are more energized than ever about this election. While there was a slow start this year to getting excited about the Presidential race, that has certainly changed in recent weeks. 

First of all, the Republican platform was passed with the strongest pro-life language it has ever had. 

Second, the VP selection of Governor Sarah Palin has really encouraged the pro-life and conservative movement. Some leaders who weren’t so sure that they even wanted to support the ticket are now saying that they’ve never been more excited about a presidential race.  

My own communication with Governor Palin earlier this year reinforced my impression of her as a person for whom the pro-life message is not simply a position she takes, but is something that defines her life at every level.

Enough people vote pro-life on the issue of abortion to swing elections, and that dynamic is shaping up this year as it has in the past.

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