Ever Expanding


I write to you today from Rome, where I have prayed for you at the tomb of St. Peter, been with the Holy Father, and spoken to many of the

Vatican officials with whom I have worked, telling them about the wonderful support that you continue to give to this ministry.

The reason you and so many others support it, of course, is that it is your ministry, not simply ours. We do not ask people to simply support us so that we can end abortion. Rather, we give you the tools and encouragement you need to carry out the mission of ending abortion – a mission given to all of us by our baptism and confirmation.

This mission and ministry are ever expanding. There’s no turning back, and we must be ready to sacrifice our lives if that’s what it’s going to take to stop the killing.

Once I return to the United States this weekend, I’ll give you more details about the expansion of our mission, particularly in the international arena, that we have discussed here at the Vatican.

Meanwhile, as always, pray for all priests, that they may be set free from any obstacles to proclaiming the Gospel of Life.

Fr. Frank

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