Fr. Pavone to lead funeral at Mississsippi’s last abortion clinic

Jackson_abortion-240x167Father Frank Pavone, National Director of Priests for Life, will be a keynote speaker and will lead a funeral service for an aborted baby on Jan. 22, 2013, outside the last free-standing abortion clinic in Mississippi.

The memorial outside the Jackson Women’s Health Organization will take place on the very day that marks the completion of 40 years since the U.S. Supreme Court’s Roe v. Wade decision that declared murder of the unborn a constitutional right.

The January 22 service will be part of the States of Refuge campaign, a nationwide movement spearheaded by Operation Save America, and focused on closing the abortion mills in the five states that have only one remaining abortion mill.

The mill in Jackson could close as early as February thanks to a new law that requires abortionists to have admitting privileges at local hospitals. Hospitals in Jackson have refused to grant these privileges to the abortionists.

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