Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, everybody! I love the beginning of a New Year – a time to renew longstanding resolutions (such as making the end of abortion my top priority and exclusive focus), and to make new ones that help reach those settled goals.

I put up a Facebook post yesterday that got some attention. You see it below.


“ENOUGH! It’s been 40 Years since Roe v Wade! This year we’re going to shake things up, no matter what the consequences!” – Fr Frank Pavone


What do I mean, someone asked, by “shaking things up?”

I mean speaking louder where before we may not have been heard; I mean saying things that need to be said but perhaps have not been said up to now out of fear or hesitation; I mean causing even more “disruption” over the abortion problem than we have caused before.

One of those “shake-up” projects that we are launching will be announced later this week. It will upset a lot of people, but so be it. We have to decide whether ending abortion is worth the upset or not… If it is, we need you to join with us as allies!

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