January Pro-Life Events

Dear Friends, 

What a great January it has been, in particular with the various Walks and Marches around the country.

On the 17th I flew to California, and that evening Alveda King and I hosted some African-American leaders for a discussion on abortion. The next day, after praying at an abortion mill, we had an African-American rally and march in Oakland.

That evening I preached at the interdenominational service in the San Francisco Cathedral.

The next day was the Mass and Walk for Life, the concluding rally of which I addressed. That night I had dinner with local leaders, and took a redeye flight to DC where the day was filled with networking with pro-life people arriving for the March, speaking to the Chicago group, giving the opening address at the March for Life Convention, and then taking a night flight to Atlanta.

The next morning I spoke at the national Martin Luther King Jr. memorial service, then flew back to DC after the service in order to get to the Mass for Life at the Basilica.

The next day was the March for Life. I preached at the interdenominational pro-life service at the US Senate in the morning, marched in the afternoon, led the Silent No More Awareness Gathering at the Supreme Court in the late afternoon, and the Rose Dinner at night.

The next three days were meetings with pro-life leaders in DC and with key pastors from around the country in Baton Rouge. 

I am grateful for the opportunity to have seen so many of you at these various events.

For all this and more, Praise the Lord!

Fr. Frank

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