Jesus Is Life

In chapter four of John’s Gospel, Jesus tells the Samaritan woman at the well that He will give her water which will become an eternal spring of life within her. He urges her, in fact, to ask for it, and then shows her that the gift of life also requires a way of life marked by repenting of all that is evil.

This passage again affirms that Jesus is Life, and that all the efforts of His ministry and the ministry of the Church are about giving life. It also affirms that proclaiming life and proclaiming repentance go hand in hand. As we invite the world to the eternal life of Jesus, let’s not be afraid to challenge the world to repent of all those actions that destroy life, starting with abortion.

9 Responses to “Jesus Is Life”

  1. Travis Dover says:

    Christ offers us life, always respecting our free will to accept this free gift or leave it. What true love or Blessed Lord has for His children. He is desperate to love and have that love reciprocated.

    God love you,

    -Travis (John Paul on FB),

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