Join Us In Prayer

This Lent, I invite you to join our national prayer campaign to end abortion. If you visit our web site you will be able to sign up for and obtain the “Prayer of Commitment” that Priests for Life invites every believer to pray daily. In addition to the prayer, which you will find in English and Spanish, you will likewise be able to indicate that you are offering Masses, rosaries, and other spiritual sacrifices on behalf of our unborn brothers and sisters. Remember, not only can they not speak, but they cannot even pray. They are helpless spiritually as well as physically. We must stand in the gap.

Lent, a time of extra prayer, is a perfect time to pray more for the unborn. Please join the National Prayer Campaign at!

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  3. Edward Wassell says:

    Would you consider joining me in committing yourself to a one day per week fast until this HHS mandate is fully repealed? If so, would you consider asking other Catholics to voluntarily commit to a weekly fast?

    We can defeat President Obama’s agenda attacking religious liberty if we came together as Christians and united in prayer and fasting. Perhaps a continual voluntary observance of a Friday fast until the HHS mandate is repealed.

    Four thoughts come to mind. 1. Some battles can only be won by prayer and fasting (Matthew 17:14-20). Writing our Congressmen and becoming politically active may not be sufficient in this case. 2. God repented of the evil that was to befall Ninevah when he saw how they repented when the king proclaimed a very strict fast (Jonah 3:7). 3. Fasting is the appropriate antidote to the secular materialism that envelopes us and makes us habitually weak through an unwillingness to delay gratification. 4. If the bishops called for a fast, it might finally awaken the Catholic consciences to the seriousness of the threat. If religious people could have awakened the German conscience towards the threat of Hitler in the early 1930s, might not the Holocaust have ben avoided?

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