National Adoption Month

The month of November is National Adoption Month. Often, pregnant mothers who feel they cannot care for their child are afraid to make an adoption plan, and may even feel guilty in doing so. But in fact, sometimes the very best act of motherhood is to make an adoption plan, whereby that child will be cared for by a family who is ready to welcome and love him or her. Adoption is not about failing a child, but providing for a child. Adoption is not about parents wanting a child, but rather about a child needing a family. And countless children who are adopted are eternally grateful to their birth mother for having the love and consideration to do what was best for that child. During this National Adoption Month, let’s celebrate the loving choice of adoption.

One thought on “National Adoption Month

  • November 13, 2012 at 7:45 pm

    Hello Fr. Frank. Thank you for all you do. With this election I must wonder if our Pro-Life money would not be better spent on changing peoples hearts and not worry so much about candidates. The fact that the Catholic vote is split 50/50 tells me the church is not doing enough to change peoples hearts and minds. We are not teaching/promoting morality but go along to get along. A friend once told me, “going to church makes you no more a Christian than standing in your garage makes you a car”. I am truly amazed that we need Priests for Life. Should that not be a given that ALL Priests are for life? God Bless. Jim


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