New Year and New Unity


Happy New Year!

I am having a good and reflective day at the start of this 2008, reviewing prayerfully a massive and detailed calendar of plans, travels, writings, media productions, and other activities for the coming twelve months.

One of the comments posted on my blog from one of the visitors asked me whether it was possible to bring us all together for united action on the elections, just like so many are coming together for prayer and action in front of abortion mills for the 40 Days for Life.

Yes, it is possible. And it will depend on precisely what that action is.

2008 is a key election year, and what happens in the election will affect the pro-life movement in many ways. There are several key action steps around which we can unite: massive efforts to register pro-life voters, to distribute the clear teaching of the Church (and of common sense) about the absolute priority of the right to life as the issue in any and every election, and a massive “get out the vote” drive when voting time starts.

Stay tuned to our website for action items in this regard throughout this year, and please be sure you’re signed up for my emails (see the sign up box at so that you won’t miss out on any of the plans!

I am thinking about you and praying for you on this hope-filled New Year’s Day. I am begging the Lord that this year that has just begun will be one of tremendous progress for the unborn. Will you beg the Lord along with me in these days?

God bless you!

Fr. Frank

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