Fr. Pavone: 2016 Voters Also Selecting SCOTUS Justices


“Voters will decide this week and this year who will lead our country for the next four or, if that person is re-elected, eight years,” added Fr. Pavone.  “That president will have in his or her hands the power to pick the justices who will likely decide whether abortion on demand continues for the next 30 or 40 years.  We will be voting not just for our own futures, but for those of millions of unborn children as well.”

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Today’s Pro-life Reflection: There is Freedom


“Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom. ” (2 Cor. 3:17) 
Reflection: A teenager in Oregon went to a legal clinic for an abortion. When she tried to leave a waiting room in order to get more information about the procedure, she found that the door to the room was locked from the outside! She never got her questions answered, nor was she told about the risks of abortion. She sued the clinic and won.

Prayer: Lord, the spirit of abortion is a spirit of slavery. Let your freedom shine forth, bringing truth, strength to do what is right, and the triumph of life. Amen!

Supreme Court to Argue Priests for Life Case March 23 Prayer Rally set in Front of Court


Priests for Life will be in the US Supreme Court for oral arguments on Wednesday, March 23 in the case of Priests for Life vs. HHS. On that day, Priests for Life will hold a prayer rally in front of the steps of the Supreme Court, and invites all who are in favor of life and religious freedom to join them.

There will be prayers, speeches, and educational talks regarding what is happening in this case, and various church leaders, politicians, Presidential candidates, and pro-life leaders are being invited to take part in the rally.


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Today’s Pro-Life Reflection: Many who used to perform abortions have now also repented…

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“On seeing what had taken place, the centurion praised God and said, ‘Surely, this man was innocent.’” (Luke 23:47)

Reflection: When Jesus died on the cross, the Centurion standing next to him repented of participating in his crucifixion.  Many who used to perform abortions have now also repented, and they say, “Surely, these were innocent lives, and we are sorry.” They have formed a group called the Society of Centurions. They seek God’s healing and invite other abortionists to stop the killing.

Prayer: Lord, I pray today for the Centurions. Now that they have stopped killing children, let them find your healing and peace. Amen.