Today’s Pro-life Reflection: Reverence for Life


“Take care that you do not despise one of these little ones, for I tell you that their angels in heaven gaze continually on the face of my heavenly Father” (Matthew 18:10).

Reflection: All of us, including the smallest children, have angels in heaven who are worshipping the Father and reflecting to us his care. If an angel is assigned to guard each human life, how much more are fellow human beings to avoid despising such lives!

Prayer: Lord, fill us with awe and reverence for life. Though we are not able to see the angels, remind us of their presence, too, through the face of every human person. Amen.

Fr. Pavone: Zika virus does not justify abortion


“Naturally the Zika virus is a cause for concern, and we call upon governments and medical professionals to continue to develop appropriate treatments and interventions. But in no way does this justify recourse to abortion. The child in the womb is a patient too, and killing one’s patient is never an appropriate response.”

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Priests for Life petitioners comment on HHS case


“The Court has asked us the right question. They asked us to draw the line, as believers, between behavior that is acceptable and behavior that is unacceptable to our faith. We have done so. Now it remains for the Court to rule to protect our freedom to live that faith by being able to choose freely what kind of insurance coverage we offer to our employees.”

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Fr. Frank Pavone to Cecile Richards: No Hypocrisy, Just Freedom


Cecile Richards finds it ‘incredible’ and hypocritical that we want to provide health insurance coverage in a way consistent with our religious freedom,” Fr. Frank stated. “Actually, what’s incredible is that Priests for Life and the other petitioners have to go to the Supreme Court to defend what is already a basic right in America: to practice our faith not only in Church on Sunday but in the workplace on Monday. And as for ‘hypocrisy,’ that is exactly what Cecile Richards is guilty of when, for all her rhetoric about freedom of choice, she wants to deny us the freedom of choice to live out our faith.

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Today’s Pro-Life Reflection: Rather Than Rejecting


“Some scribes who were Pharisees noticed that Jesus was eating with sinners and tax collectors, and they asked his disciples, ‘Why does he eat with tax collectors and sinners?'” (Mark 2:16).

Reflection: Jesus broke down the false barriers that people set up among themselves, and instead acknowledged the equal human dignity of every individual, despite what common opinion might say. He moved toward those who needed his help, rather than rejecting them because of who they were.

Prayer: Holy Spirit, give us the mind of Christ, that we may never cast off any human person or group of people, but rather be vehicles of your care for them. Amen.

Priests for Life welcomes new Papal Nuncio, thanks Archbishop Vigano

Christophe Pierre

“The new nuncio comes at a critical time in the United States, when the battle for life, marriage and religious freedom will be greatly affected by a very tumultuous election,” Father Pavone said. “We pray that the nuncio’s ministry will encourage the Catholic community to be engaged and confident in their witness to the Gospel.”

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Today’s Pro-life Reflection: Unjust Laws


“A law which violates an innocent person’s natural right to life is unjust and, as such, is not valid as a law” – Evangelium Vitae 90.

Reflection: The Church does not say that laws allowing abortion are just “bad laws.” The Church declares that they are no laws at all. Rather, they are acts of violence, and must be resisted rather than obeyed. To be valid and binding, a law must never contradict the law of God.

Prayer: Father, as we live amidst many unjust laws, give us the grace to recognize them as invalid, to say so to others, and to work to change them. Amen!

Priests for Life tells Court: Yes, there is a Less Restrictive Means

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“Also, the fact that the Court is asking us to describe a better solution that would truly accommodate our religious beliefs indicates that it is looking for a ‘less restrictive’ means for the government to pursue its objectives. The existence of a ‘less restrictive’ means, which we believe we have identified in this new brief, leads us to victory in this case. It proves our point that the government hasn’t passed the test that the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) requires,”


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Fr. Frank Pavone Re-elected President of National Pro-life Religious Council


‘Service of the Gospel of life is thus an immense and complex task. This service increasingly appears as a valuable and fruitful area for positive cooperation with our brothers and sisters of other Churches and ecclesial communities, in accordance with the practical ecumenism which the Second Vatican Council authoritatively encouraged. It also appears as a providential area for dialogue and joint efforts with the followers of other religions and with all people of good will.’ 

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Brief in Zubik v. Burwell Finds ObamaCare HHS Mandate ‘Bizarre and Unprecedented’


Now, employers would be required to provide coverage for abortifacients and other drugs and procedures that are highly objectionable to many people of faith. But again, this pressure did not come from Congress. In fact, Congress knows that if it wants, it can include in legislation an exemption from the strict protections that the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) gives to Americans and groups like Priests for Life. But Congress made no such exception in the Affordable Care Act, and therefore RFRA applies to it.


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