Prayer in Response to the Gosnell Tragedy

Lord of Life and Mercy,
You love all you have created,
And call us to protect The lives and rights of our brothers and sisters.

You care for the unborn
And you forgive the repentant sinner.

Lord, we turn to you
With astonishment and sorrow
As our nation learns the tragic story
Of abortionist Kermit Gosnell and those he killed.

Have mercy on him
And have mercy on all of us.
Pour out the spirit of repentance on all people,
That we may face the evil that has been done
And cry out against it.

Bless all involved in our legal system,
That they may secure justice under your guidance.
Convert all in the abortion industry
That they may cease their violence against women and children.
Embolden all in public office
That they may take the steps necessary
To protect the public they have promised to serve.

And give us all the grace to proclaim, celebrate and serve
The Gospel of Life,
Which is your Son, Jesus Christ,
Who is Lord forever and ever. Amen

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