Sept. 9 is the final Voter Registration Sunday

STATEN ISLAND, NY – Sunday, Sept. 9 is the last of three “Voter Registration Sundays” organized and promoted by Priests for Life.

Fr. Frank Pavone, National Director, hopes all people of faith will take part by helping to register as many Americans as possible to vote in the fast-approaching elections.

“Assisting people to register to vote is one of the best ways to exercise our citizenship,” said Fr. Pavone.

“Non-partisan voter registration is both legal and appropriate for Churches to do, because it is a way to assist members of the congregation to exercise their faith in day- to-day life, and to take advantage of the freedom God gives us in this country.”

Visitors to will find all the information and materials they will need to conduct a successful registration drive. Priests for Life has spearheaded this effort by forming the “Vote Pro-life Coalition,” in which dozens of national organizations pursue the same goals related to non-partisan political involvement.

“Voter registration drives fall within the activities that are permitted to tax-exempt organizations and churches,” said Father Pavone. “The IRS is not standing in our way, so there is no reason that Churches and non-profits shouldn’t be working hard to ensure a high voter turnout in November.”

“Let’s also keep in mind that voting actually starts in September, given the early voting that many states provide. So there’s no time to waste.”

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