September 29 Election-Related Conference Call


As the election season of 2008 continues to be filled with surprises, twists, and turns, it’s critical for us to keep focused on the simple task of mobilizing voters, registering those who aren’t yet registered, informing those who aren’t yet informed about the candidates, and continuing to point out that there is no issue more important than the right to life. Any public servant who can’t tell the difference between serving the public and killing the public does not belong in public office. 

One thing that has not been a surprise in this election is the reluctance of so many Church institutions to carry out the spiritual work of mercy of instructing their people about their voting options. Though the Church is free legally and morally to issue voter guides, specifying candidates’ positions on issues of concern to the voters, these are rarely to be found. Many officials in the Church consider it “more trouble than it’s worth” to follow the legal guidelines to produce the proper kind of guide and to handle the criticisms that will inevitably follow from some who think that the guide hurts their favorite candidates. Moreover, some officials put more effort into telling people not to use materials from “outside groups” than into producing materials of their own.

But the task of citizens is the same as ever and is as effective as ever. Inform your fellow citizens! Spread the information that they need to know. Utilize the means of communication provided by the internet and by the various associations and movements by which you interact with like-minded believers and pro-life activists. The fact is that the margin of victory in so many elections comes from a very small segment of the population. And surveys show that pro-life activists work harder for their candidates than pro-abortion activists do for theirs. So let’s have “all hands on deck” and get the job done.

Please join me for our conference call this Monday night September 29. Click here to register. One of the things we’ll discuss is what polls do and do not mean. 


Fr. Frank

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