Spread the Word and Speak Some of Your Own!

As we near Election Day, we can influence our fellow citizens to properly evaluate the issues by pointing out that the right to life is primary, and is in fact the foundation, heart, and soul of every issue that confronts us as an electorate. 

After all, if life doesn’t matter, then why does poverty or terrorism? 

Many US Catholic bishops have issued strong statements about this, and they are accessible on our Priests for Life website at http://www.priestsforlife.org/magisteriumbishops.htm. Not only should we read these, but we should spread them around. Send this link to as many as you can. Quote from the statements in blogs and editorials. Help get the word out! 

And then, speak some words of your own! Speaking the truth is not the privilege of the few; it is the call of everyone! So is action – and in those cases where you may be frustrated by the lack of action from Church leadership, pick up the slack yourself! For example, on these last two weekends before Election Day, if the Churches aren’t distributing voter guides, distribute them yourself on the public sidewalk! You have every right to do so, and you can join up with other groups who are organizing “lit-drops” to educate the community. Check with your state right to life group at http://www.nrlc.org/states/ to see what plans are being made in your area! 


Fr. Frank Pavone

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