The Feast of St. Gerard Majella

Today is the Feast of St. Gerard Majella, who is the patron saint of pregnant mothers, of childbirth, and of unborn children.

St. Gerard was a Redemptorist brother who lived in the 18th century. Many miracles have been worked through his intercession, especially in regard to pregnancy and childbirth. In many countries, mothers will devoutly keep a St. Gerard medal with them throughout their pregnancy and delivery.

Many hospitals dedicate their maternity wards to him and give medals and prayer leaflets of St. Gerard to their patients. Thousands of children have been named after St. Gerard by parents who are convinced that it was his intercession that helped them to have healthy children.

Today, let us ask St. Gerard to give light and courage to those who are tempted to abortion, that they may choose life.

–Fr. Frank

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    The Feast of St. Gerard Majella


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