The Greatest People

As I’ve often said, the greatest people in the world are those who are laboring day after day for the pro-life cause. I just returned from a long trip that started on September 19 and brought me to many pro-life gatherings in the north, south, east, and west regions of our country. I always come back from these trips invigorated with the renewed conviction that we are living in the final days of legal abortion in America. It will end because of the grace of God working through all of you and each of you who are responding to this tragedy the way it deserves to be responded to – as the biggest holocaust in human history and the most urgent task we face.

One thing that becomes clearer and clearer as I continue to meet with key leaders of so many groups is that the power of this movement is really with you. What I mean is that the influence of a leader really is measured in how much grassroots response he or she can generate. And that boils down to you. It is not leaders as such who have the power, but rather the people they lead.

Tomorrow, I get on the road again. More pro-life gatherings are on my agenda, and more inspiration is in store, because I know how much you are giving to the cause and will continue to give until it is won. Be steadfast in exercising the real power you have to end abortion!

Fr. Frank

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