This past Saturday, August 16, I spoke at “TheCall,” a massive gathering of mostly young people on the Mall in Washington DC. They came from every part of the nation, and from various denominations, and were there from 10am to 10pm in an unceasing chorus of prayer, praise, repentance, and intercession. There was song and Scripture, sharing and mutual encouragement. It was a real moment of grace for those present and for the nation. 

In my remarks, I drew attention to the fact that abortion is the overriding issue of the day. In fact, a major segment of the day was devoted to the theme of pro-life. In my remarks and in my prayer, I invited all those present to lift up to the Lord all those who are captive to despair, either because they feel they must abort, or because they already did. We prayed for them, both the mothers and the fathers.

I preached that our message to those who are far off  is not condemnation, but rather an urgent call to come back to the cross, and to be washed in Jesus’ blood, a single drop of which can cleanse the world of all its abortions.

This is at the heart of our ministry. The blood of Jesus pours down from the cross, and speaks more eloquently than the blood of the children that was shed. “Come to the cross!” is our message to the world, and to those suffering the pain of abortion. The young people – and the not so young – who were at “TheCall” heard that message. May each of us proclaim it more loudly than ever! 

Fr. Frank

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