Thoughts about Nellie Gray

It’s hard to believe that Nellie Gray has died. Apparently she passed away over the weekend in her Washington DC apartment.

Nellie founded the March for Life, but often related to me how she really never intended to do so. She just hosted a meeting of other interested parties, who decided to hold a march in response to the dreadful Roe vs. Wade decision. They thought, Nellie said, that they could do it once and then the matter would be done with. But one march led to another and to another.

But Nellie never tired.

In recent years, she would often say to me, “I’m not as fast as I used to be in doing all of this.” And a few years ago, she tripped on the stage during the Rally on the March for Life day. I went to check on her in the emergency room that afternoon, and she was quickly on the mend. The very next morning, when we had a scheduled meeting of prolife leaders, there she was, present and accounted for, with a big bandage on her head, but nevertheless fully engaged in the meeting.

She was the same way just a couple of weeks ago when I met with her to discuss plans for this coming January’s march. Fully engaged, as if it were the first day of the battle. “We need to do something to pull this movement together, in unity, on the Life Principles,” she said, with as much determination as I have ever heard.

May we all move forward, with a double portion of her spirit!

4 thoughts on “Thoughts about Nellie Gray

  • August 13, 2012 at 11:58 pm

    Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of his saints. —Psalm 116:15

  • August 14, 2012 at 10:01 am

    Life is not without ironies. As day before Nellie’s passing Helen Gurley Brown died. Without passing judgment on her let us be honest. Her Sex and the Single Girl did more damage then we can ever realize. How many young women taking Mrs. Brown’s advice ended up pregnant and without a husband and thus facing the terror and heartache of abortion and its aftermath. One could say the Mrs. Brown was one of those directly responsible for Roe and Doe. Nellie saw right through the scam and diabolical evil that the sexual revolution caused: the broken families, the rise of pornography, the 50 mill-plus abortions, the contraception mentality, etc., etc. How fittng that Nellie passed on the eve of the Asummption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. May our Divine and Merciful Lord give rest and repose to our beloved sister. She has 50 million witnesses in heaven on her side. In her memory let’s make the 40th Anniversy of Roe the biggest march ever in Washington D.C. history. In Paradisum, Nellie. Please pray for us.


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