Today’s Pro-Life Reflection


These reflections are taken from the book “Pro-Life Reflections for Every Day” by Fr. Frank Pavone which is available for purchase at:

“Two blind men…shouted, ‘Lord, Son of David, take pity on us.’ The crowd rebuked them and told them to be silent…Jesus stopped and called them, saying, ‘What do you want me to do for you?'” (Matthew 20:30-32).

Reflection: Jesus always broke through the false levels of privilege that people around him set up. Somehow the crowd thought the blind men weren’t worth Jesus’ attention. They were just a nuisance, and so the crowd told them to keep quiet. But Jesus gave them his attention and care.

Prayer: Lord, in our day, too, you teach us to see beyond appearances, prejudices, and false distinctions. Help us care for every life, born and unborn. Amen.

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