Today’s Pro-Life Reflection


These reflections are taken from the book “Pro-Life Reflections for Every Day” by Fr. Frank Pavone which is available for purchase at:

“They ran from the tomb to inform his disciples…” (Matthew 28:8)

Reflection: On the morning of Jesus’ resurrection, there was a lot of running taking place. The women, having seen the empty tomb, ran back to the disciples. Peter and John, having heard the women’s story, ran toward the tomb. And in the end, of course, all the apostles ran into the world to announce this greatest news of history. We, too, must run to announce the Gospel of Life with vigor, and to intervene to save the unborn with urgency.

Prayer: Lord, your Gospel of Life is cause for urgent activity! Fill me with the vigor of Easter each day, that I may announce the victory of Life! Amen!

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