Today’s Pro-Life Reflection


This reflection is taken from my book Pro-Life Reflections for Every Day, which is available for purchase at:

“‘Restrain your voice from weeping and your eyes from tears’ …declares the Lord…’There is hope for your future” (Jeremiah 31:16-17).

Reflection: A woman writes of her abortion,  “It was gruesome. I looked over and could see body parts floating in a sea of blood. I was 10 weeks pregnant. The canister was right next to my head. I screamed and screamed. The nurse covered it. It changed my life forever. I could never look at children after that without crying. I did become a Christian…I know God has forgiven me.”

Prayer: Lord, send repentance and forgiveness on all who have had abortions. Hear their cries; fill them with new hope. Amen.

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