Two Abortion Procedures

Dear Friends,

Two You Tube videos I made recently have been causing a stir. Would you help me get them in front of as many people as possible?

In these videos, I demonstrate the two most common abortion procedures, using fetal models and also using instruments that were actually used to kill babies.

The links to the videos are as follows:

On another matter, I want to give you this link to an article that explains very well the moral criteria for working for “imperfect legislation,” that is, laws that would increase the protection of unborn children yet not reach the final goal of protecting them all. This article was published in the Vatican’s newspaper, “L’Osservatore Romano,” by a moral theologian who teaches in Rome.

Let’s be clear. No abortion is OK, no circumstance can justify it, and no human government can authorize even a single abortion.

The principles in this article deal with situations where, acknowledging what I said above, the support does not yet exist in the legislature to secure the protection of every unborn child. (That, of course, has been the case throughout the whole time of legal abortion in America.) The lack of willingness in a legislative body to protect every baby is no excuse – for the legislators or for us – to walk away from the playing field and leave all the babies unprotected. When there is progress that can be made, that progress should be made.

Enjoy the article and pass it on: 


Fr. Frank

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